New Music: Trinidad James “Mr. Officer”

mr officer

All We Got Is Us.

The floor is all yours, Mr. James.

I feel like we are all fighting to stay alive. Not just from the Police but just from each other. In my opinion kids see more of US killing US than the police killing US. So I CHALLENGE YOU AMERICA! EVEN THE WORLD! to value each other…..US.

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  • The Weirdo

    This is actually quite listenable….very good song. Reminds me of Early Kanye songs.

    • KILLA

      Tell me why I was just about to say that myself. This is like College Dropout type Ye ish. Minus TJ verses I can see this song perfectly being for Kanye West. I have a feeling he was channeling Ye because I got a slight vibe like he was listening to “We Don’t Care.”

  • Give up Nigga.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Ain’t nothing wrong with shopping around.

  • DjEdmund DaGeneral

    Unsettled Thoughts
    #RealityMusic #EdmundDaGeneral #UnsettledThoughts

    ” #RealityMusic ….. I have my own genre”
    – Edmund DaGeneral

    #MuchLove ✌

  • mike h

    Gives me that 70s Stevie wonder vibe on that hook.

  • Buster Cherry ™

    I am laughing because this isn’t bad, but because it’s Trinidad James, people will say it’s wack, goes to show you that people are biased towards their favorite artists whether they admit it or not, if it was J Cole or Kendrick people would say it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    • Donn

      Bro. Chill out. If it was Cole or Kendrick it would sound like “See World” and “Keisha Song”. Relax

  • Chronic

    Dopest song I’ve heard from Trinidad James…verses are still kinda weak, but that hook and the overall vibe is nice

  • Carlos Danger

    not bad at all over all a nice tune.

  • Ayo

    How much do y’all get paid per post? Serious question

  • Cool

    This nigga has REALLY been droppin his best music since he got dropped…Got damn…

    • Chronic

      Goes to show you that labels really do try to just silence dude if they aren’t making the music they want you to make…probably were trying to make him have an album of 15 “all gold everything”s

      • Dope

        Nah.. all they need it 3 of those, and then 10 filler songs to wrap it up and sell it.

        • radio raheem

          thats some good information and very interesting… please elaborate

      • radio raheem

        no try again… he’s just old trash.. he had a one hit wonder and began to chill thinking shit was sweet… and he was wasting his time on sneaker websites talking shoes every fucking week instead of actually dropping music… theres 2 for 1 for you

        • Chronic

          I’ll just take your word on it…cause you know more about TJ than I think I’ll ever want to

          • radio raheem

            nah I don’t know him too water well nor listen to that garbage pale.. I just know Facts and whats going on… and thats ” Pre Quality Hip Hop Extinction “

          • Chronic

            I was just giving you a hard time man. Believe me I know he’s trash. But do you think def jam woulda let him release this? Cause I’m not too sure

  • Duane Mecca Johnson

    I get my hands on this beat it’s a done deal!

    This my kind of feel

  • GreenBergs

    if rap radar posting his music like rapid fire since he got “dropped” , isnt enough proof that he is in fact still signed, then i dnno what is..

    • eastpointvet

      it proves that he wasn’t releasing music now he is

  • Dope

    Really nice song on the beath and the chorus, verses could be tighter, but still easily listenable.

  • Jake Zero

    This is the best song he has ever released. The track is fukkin dope!

  • Everybody

    So a 3 1/2 minute chorus is considered a song now? The beat is great but Trinidud is forgettable as usual.

  • Grandma Folk

    rick ross diss?


    Best song I heard from this guy. Production, Hook, and delivery are on point.
    Hopefully he can more of this kind of music.

  • Free Agentz

    Good song!!

  • BEE

    Is this really TJ? Damn I almost dont believe it, How tough times can bring out the best in a man…