Jeezy Talks Arrest; Donates $1 Million


Let It Snow.

It’s been a roller coaster week for Jeezy. After being released from jail over the weekend, he broke bread this morning with The Breakfast Club in Atlanta. He discussed the arrest, Seen It All, YG, and more. A few hours later, he donated $1 million to relator Jay Morrison‘s charity.

I’m blessed to say I have a true comrade in my quest to empower our culture.. w/ @YoungGJeezy’s $1 Million Dollar Donation to my Academy we will be doing 3 Major Initiatives:
1) Opening the doors to my online #RealEstateInvesting School and #Mentorship Program FREE for 1 Month so EVERYONE can see there really is #AnotherWayOut!!
2) We will be giving out up to 1,000 FULL YEAR Scholarships to under served and at risk youth, felons and single moms.
3) I will start my prison program “Inmate to #RealEstate” teaching inmates the skill of Investing while still in jail.
#YMC #SeenitAll #RealEstatePaid.

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  • Kingly_Caracter

    Good shit my nigga. We need WAY more of this.

  • oneloveonebeing


  • Grandma Folk

    Gotta buy back some good publicity after catching that AK-47 gun charge only a week after preaching about Ferguson and “stopping the violence”.

    • Boss

      Aye Leave Jeezy He A Real One

    • Dashing28

      Yeah, cause if one thing kills your credibility as a self-proclaimed cocaine dealing gangsta rapper, it’s getting arrested for a gun charge….smh

  • Mylo

    Nigga that shit might not even hit 20k hahahaha Es Stans are delusional. They pop all this shit on line, but will not go out and actually buy 50’s or g unit CDs. Then get all butt hurt when u bring up the numbers hahahaha – Mr Real (gay talk)

    Nigga that shit just did 12k!!!! Hahahaha Es niggas stay losing. Don’t nobody give a fuck about Es niggas no more smh and don’t say they didn’t have promotion. They just did mad interviews and dropped mad music and videos. Like I said NO ONE cares bout Es niggas any more – I am (troll god).


    • GetReal

      you are a fucking clown

  • Mylo

    This is some good shit!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Biggest bail posted in the history of hip hop. Now jeezy donated 1million dollar to jay Morrison charity. I SMELL A RAT.

  • Mylo

    So as you can see Mr gay talk erased his account and switched to I am god. As you can see by his Avi he has every reason to hate…

  • true story no lie

    Good for jeezy to bad ppl hate to see a man do positive In try to change lives for the better. Real niggaz respect it tho

  • Mylo

    Man enough to admit Jermaine The Real Estate Guy is a good-looking man!
    It’s a good thing to see these guys do positive things.

  • James Dean

    That dude to the left of jeezy is a scum bag business man.

    • ShmIamRealTalk

      what makes you say that?

      please elaborate homie

  • cannon

    Jeezt got that “what the hell did I get my self into” face going on in the pic haha

    • radio raheem

      nah try again it’s that.. ” I know I’m doing the right thing, I hope I don’t Look too cocky doing it ” Face

  • It’s Just Music

    I hate when rappers do this.
    Jeezy wouldn’t have done this without the charge, this shit ain’t genuine.

    Its like when TI got caught with those guns and made the most positive rap album after coincidentally to show the judge he a changed man.

    Jeezy is a real dude but come on man, this wasn’t from the heart.

    • bizi

      Who are you to judge him?

  • radio raheem


  • Judge Joe Dredd

    What is a relator….. you mean realtor? I swear they never should’ve given you dumb niggers internet.

    Well done Jeezy.

    • Smh

      ^Beat me to it…smfh these cats aren’t journalists at all

  • Carlos Danger

    jeezy albums lost luster in away but this one is okay i like me ok and i think benihannas should have made the album

  • Chris

    Cleaning money.

  • IM730

    Yo yall rap fans are some floppy fish foreal.. Yall get mad when someone “who aint hard claims to be hard” *Drake.. Then act all holy when a someone who really hard really catches a case *Jeezy and his AK.. ANNNND yall act like EITHER of those people or people like them ARE SUPPOSED to be that 100000% of the day.. Even the toughest street dude go home and gotta just be a dad or husband or in this case a philanthropist.. Its like you let the blog author DECIDE your feelings and never been around REAL people..

  • Takes money

    Dope jeezy is so generous! But the money sounds like it will largely be wasted. Online real estate investing school?! Inmate to real estate?! Why not use all the money towards proper education.

    • Dashing28

      Money to inmates for education is actually a solid investment because no one ever donates $ to that. Money sent generically to “education” gets caught up in bureaucracy of Dept of Ed, principals and administrators that often don’t use the $ for the right things. This makes sense.

  • JDB

    the check should say “Pay to the Order of The Jig Academy”. Wasn’t homeboy just comparing real estate to flipping bricks? And Mr. Get it For the Low gives him a “million dollar check”? Street Dreamz??? Tyler Perry + Terri Woods couldn’t write this script!

  • nice way to step up

  • Luther

    People will never be satisfied, regardless of what you do……… Dude is authentic #Respect