Miss Info Interviews ILoveMakonnen

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Happy Tuesday.

Prior inking the deal with Drake, OVO Sounds’ new signee visited Hot 97. During this lengthy chat with Miss Info, the Atlanta rising star spoke on the success of his remix with Drake, working with producers from Mike Will Made It to Sonny Digital, Gucci’s influence and more.

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    From interviews Makkonen seems like a genuine cool person and I will and continue to say this while the majority of stuff I heard from him in the past I feel is trash, YOU MUST RESPECT HIS GRIND. Again, I have seen him put the work in for years releasing music and videos on iLovePwnage and the overall consensus was it was wack. I only liked one song from him which was Sneaky Lady and now this Tuesday track. I just hope Drake can maybe mold him to actually put out listenable “decent” tracks. But overall respect to him.

    • Dope

      Wait.. if someone put out something considered trash for years we should ”respect the grind”?

      No, I say if you put wack shit out, you should stop what you’re doing and find another job, ’cause this one isn’t for you.

      • TrollHunter

        says the guy leaving comments on a website

        • Dope

          Commenting isn’t a job one is supposed to be good at, it’s a pastime. Trolling on the other hand is something you’re wack at so you better find a different activity.

  • Carlos Danger

    the industry is very mean girls so the industry is a bunch of salty rich bitches lol @rackscarsass

  • GreenBergs

    wtf is this this fat samoan dude?

  • Looks like Peele from Key & Peele doing a skit dressed as “The Weekend”

  • yeah

    So drake signed his first wack artist.

    • Bruh Bruh

      no, he’s got that oby guy that reminds me of Weird al

  • Extra Domus

    whats with drake signing light skinned artists with bad hair LOL

  • Vagtastic

    Drake signed Red Grant lol

  • yorapper

    He’s refreshing. Hopefully he has the material to back it up.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • ab

    N*gga looking like a non-aggressive femme.