• Chronic

    I like action…but how the fuck is riff-raff still getting on tracks with people

  • Davide Leroy


  • Davide Leroy

    Why is Rap Radar supporting someone who looks like a clown and is raping culture by looking like a black stereotype?

    • Hmm

      Trinidad James?

      • Chronic

        Well played

      • Davide Leroy

        other than all gold everything, what other songs or format have you even seen trinidad acting like a stereotype of s black male in america?

    • Jax

      Have you heard his songs though? He may be weird, but he came through with some pretty good songs on his album.

      • Davide Leroy

        are you white and or on drugs?

        • ITS ME

          It’s just the truth. Dudes album wasn’t half bad tbh

    • Dope

      Why don’t you post this on 90% of other posts?

    • yorapper

      Rick Ross?

    • yorapper

      Chief Keef?

    • yorapper


  • Epul

    These 2 will never make another collab to top “Birds On A Wire”.

    • GreenBergs

      physically impossible..

  • Chris M

    Shouts to David Wells

  • Jax

    This site never posts Riff Raff. I’m guessing they only posted it for Action Bronson.

    • prolly, but he aint bad.

    • diggz

      ha good point

  • Uncle Tom

    Rap game Bryant gumbel

  • b r z a

    lol all of these guys on the baseball card could also double as cops

    • hahahaha seriously !

  • haha Hell yeah…the ALCHEMIST….& honestly im feelin Riff Raff…

  • el jim chapo guzman

    action bronson spit way better than ghostface.

    • Van Sertima


  • Viva La Raza

    nice hook, Riff sounds great…now his verse-thats another story.

  • The Incredible Creation