New Video: Loaded Lux x Twelve “0-100”

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.10.11 PM

King Lux.

Hopping out the Audi, Loaded Lux and Twelve hold their own over Drake’s popular instrumental. Look out for Lux’ Beloved EP on September 28.

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  • Carlos Danger

    oh lord lux go hard with is mans and them @rackscarsass

  • Jake Zero

    I still ride for Loaded Lux, but he needs proper friends in his circle.

    He should have been advised to never step foot inside a battle ring after his glorious win against Calicoe.

    We’ve seen this many times in many different circumstances before him;
    Roy Jones Jr. should never have stepped foot back inside the ring after his Heavyweoght defeat of John Ruiz. He accomplished everything. There was no further statement to make in the sport.

    Sometimes you have it all delivered to you for your next move in life, then we do a last minute U-turn and go back like Robert DeNiro in Heat, and you find yourself shot and dying on an airport runway in the middle of nowhere talkin bout; “I told you I’m never going back to jail.” WTF?????