Childish Gambino ‘Peter Rosenberg’ Freestyle

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Donald’s Grind.

Childish Gambino brought his hustle over to ‘Real Late with Peter Rosenberg’. While discussing his Because The Internet, upcoming projects and current events, he kicked an off the top over HS87’s “Grinding My Whole Life”. A joint project with Chance The Rapper? Stay tuned.

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  • KJN

    That was fire! Childish been on one lately!

  • Uncle Tom

    Childish gambinos album was better than drakes, fuck it. You all sleep on gambino every song this dude puts out is fire. Also completely irrelevant but that nigga I love makenon sounds like piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Drake consigns a lot of corny wack niggas and you idiots eat it up.

    • Vurbz Fenomeno

      lol..who are you fighting against bruh….idk why it always has to be this vs that…they’re both good

      • Uncle Tom

        I like drake, I personally think the only reason you could hate on drake is if you’re not getting any pussy but the niggas he consigns are WACK…fucking WACK. It loses drakes credibility to his dopeness. His album was great but Donald’s was better

  • Heyrob

    Your favorite rapper can’t spit like that.

    • Lester Nygaard

      ‘Ye my favorite artist so I have to agree.

  • Joshua Pugh

    He got mad bars…people be sleeping on him…its just his presentation is corny to people

  • Joe Kerr

    Simply one of my current favs…..

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    cover art for “because the internet” was really cool

  • everybodydoesnthave2know

    this nigga gay aF!

    • TeF

      Let’s just say that was true, so fuckng what?! and what does your corny ass opinion have to do with Hip Hop or how he just put work in on those bars?

    • DIesel

      First of all he’s probably not. But more important your name is everybodydoesnthave2know and you said this nigga gay af…. what the fuck are you

  • Monkstat

    Dis is not rap

    • DIesel

      Your rap is dead bru, Gambino just murdered it

  • Lester Nygaard

    Chance the Rapper been disappointing me since he dropped Acid Rap, so Gambino just took his spot as my favorite new school artist. FYI, this revelation affects neither of them at all.

    • DIesel

      Travis $cott >

  • Kevin Banks

    mmm… nah!!! Well tried though




  • 2 cents

    42 minutes? Aint nobody got time for that

  • TeF

    I don’t know if this dude has to catch a few cases or do a song with Lil’ Wayne for cats to stop sleeping on him. An unbiased ear could listen to this cat and then listen to 90% of these “rappers” on the radio or in people’s ipods and clearly see that he’s biting their fckng heads off. This is why Hip Hop is stagnant, a dude without the hip hop image, who is talented enough to write for network television, act in movies an hit shows, and be a stand up comedian can’t get love because ya’ll value judging the person over talent and substance. Meanwhile ya’ll keep Drake’s nuts in your mouth because he’s proof that Hip hop doesn’t have to be one thing, that’s hypocrite as hell.

  • New Black

    Rap Radar please highlight more stuff like that