Jim Jones Returns To Breakfast Club

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Morning Hustle.

Jomo returned to Power 105 and kicked it with the Breakfast Club this morning. If you didn’t tune in, here’s what you missed.

The Breakfast Club Interviews Jim Jones. Speaks on his image and why does he have the gangsta image and not the business man image, Is he really cool with other members of the Dipset or is just for show, he doesn’t fuck with French Montana or Yandy Smith, doesn’t like the way Mona Scott Young does business, backlash from doing reality TV, does he still have issues with Max B, speaks on Stack Bundles publicly for the first time and how his death affected him, does he sit and think what the Birdgang could of been if Stack was alive and Max B would of kept it 100 and much more!!!!

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    fuck this nicca and his gay twilight inspired vampire life soda and clothing

  • heartlandG

    Chrissy TOUCHED it in Miami…

  • Lemme Find Out

    No mention of Gangsta Gibbs?

    • Trillionare

      He does not want that issue at all!!! And that line that Gibbs threw at Jones way probably went over a lot peoples heads. That nigga Gibbs is the truth!!!

  • The Incredible Creation

    Free Max B, RIP Stack Bundles =( http://alltheparticulars.blogspot.com/

  • yorapper

    What happened to his face?

  • guest

    Jim’s nose is shiny.

  • draedrizz

    or did jones almost get gibbs wacked lol