New Music: Cam’Ron x 2 Chainz “Snapped”


Gangsta Fucking.

Female acquaintances become fuck buddies on Cam’s new track. Originally previewed last year, Cam drops the full version in support of his 1st Of The Month Vol. 4 on October 1st.

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  • I haven’t heard a solid track/banger Cam’ron has made since “Down & Out” feat. Kanye (and that was made in 2004, literally a decade ago)… This guy really needs to hang it up, no one is checking and no one cares. *shrugs*

    • the nature boy

      See the problem is you only value hits and bangers. He should hang it up cuz he not making radio singles? You should hang it up. He’s made consistent good music for the last few yrs.

      • Uhh… First, who tf are you to say what I only value? I’m just calling it how I see it, I’m only stating facts, NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT CAM, he is NOT relevant anymore, he has made no memorable song that people has fxcked wit since Purple Haze!

        I don’t only value hits and bangers, I have a very open ear to ALL kinds of music, there’s tons of artist I like that don’t have a lot of hits or bangers, like Mos Def and Common for example, so I am not bias in any kind of way, I just like what I like, and he doesn’t catch the ear lobe. #sorrynotsorry

        • yaup

          This song is dope.. Take music for what it is. This is what Cam’ron is. This beat is sicky which is half the reason I listen to Cam.

          He doesn’t conform to Rick Ross/Tyga beats to get popular.

          He made his money and he is doing it as an artist right now. All those mother fuckers you see doing it on the top 40 are doing it for nothing more than a check and the chance that one of these songs blow up like their last “hit.”

          Cam got his fans, they value rap as a whole not because of what it does on itunes charts or billboard. Your unnecessary hate is extra visible because Cam has OG status in the rap game. Thank god Cam stays in his lane.

          If more artists tried doing that than changing to the worlds preferred sound of the year then we would have a lot better music.

          Trying to make what sounds hot on the radio by copying songs on the radio is they reason rap started dying. It is the reason why fuck tards like Ross and Tyga can have 30 million views on you tube.

          They stole our genre right from underneath us and commercialized it. The acts like Cam Ron get swept under the rug because they dont play the game. They want to make their music because their music is what makes them. Not the fact that their album only pushed like 180 k the first week but had two singles on it that had a million downloads from i tunes. Rap game dead.

          • Listen bro, I’m not discrediting Cam for being ‘a real nigga’ or someone that’s never conformed to mainstream, or the ‘in’ style, all I’m saying is, he’s just not for me, I honestly clicked the song for the 2 Chainz verse, Otherwise I just woulda scrolled right pass the $#!+ and completely ignored it…

        • london

          cartune.. go to bed. i hate to use the “you must be 13yrs old” line. but you seriously must be 13yrs old to not realise the impact dipset had on NYC and the larger scene of music. where u think these n**as get ther so called movements from. Cam n Dipset arguably did better on the mixtapes than anyone else.

          • Let’s do a little math here, you said I was 13, “Down And Out” came out in 2004, so if I’m ‘allegedly’ 13 and it’s 2014 (2014 – 2001 = 13), I had to be around the age of 3 when that song dropped. I HIGHLY doubt someone at the age of 3 would remember a song by Cam’Ron called “Down & Out.” So if I must be 13, then you must be a dumb @$$, have a good day sir! #jokesonyou

          • Shock

            Niggas use that young argument when they don’t agree with your evolved sense of music, and when they are too stannish to admit that their favorite rapper is washed. It happens to the best of them (except Hov). Hell, I tried to listen to the latest Master P mixtape, and it hurt my heart (and my ears).

          • bcro31

            Lol at Cam And dipset doing mixtape songs better than anyone else. There’s a little group from Southside Jamaica queens that started that mixtape movement. Gunit was the 95-96 bulls from 2003-2005, don’t get it twisted.

        • ace

          nobody talking about common or mos def bruh bruh

          • Who said they were? : / But what I CAN say is that at least Common has more appeal and relevancy than Cam’Ron does! Common’s Nobody’s Smiling debuted number 6 on the charts selling 24,000 in his opening week, Cam’s last album debuted at number 78 selling 7,500 units… Now if we were just going by the numbers alone, you tell me who has more relevancy to their name… #factsonly

          • Just Saying

            Where are you from? Cam had the streets on fire just a few years back when him and Vado were dropping Gangsta Grillz, I mean I agree my son Killa is barely clinging to relevance but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have quality shit that dropped recently. But you said you clicked for the 2 Chainz verse, while I wanted to FFWD his verse and hear Cam so we obviously coming from two different states of mind. Just saying

        • TRUTH

          He had hott shit after Purple Haze….your obviously aren’t a Killa fan nigga and not a Dip one either. Because he had KILLA SEASON that had a few commercially friendly songs ie. “Suck It or Not” ft Weezy circa 2006 (after Purple Haze)

          • You know what, I actually thought about that moments after I sent that comment, I coulda edited it, but I wanted to see how long it’d take to bring that $#!+ up, congratulations, but even still, that was like 2005-2006, still almost a decade ago. Lol look, I can I just not like Cam? Apparently all 10 of his hardcore fans hang out on Rap Radar. lol

    • LP1087


  • london

    killa… stuck to his sound like a real NY dude.. “i watched snapped on sunday, these bi**ces screws loose” awwww….

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This song aight cam should’ve dropped another verse. 2chain verse was weak as fuck.

  • Ayo

    This shit pretty cool though