New Video: Cam’Ron x 2 Chainz “Snapped”

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Women are vindictive. Cam’Ron experiences this first hand in his new video featuring 2 Chainz. In the clip, Cam finds his garage and whip spray painted by his ex-girlfriend and her friend. Eventually they confront him at his house and pelt him with eggs. That’s enough to make anyone snap. Pre-order Cam’s First Of The Month EP Vol.4 here.


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  • Miss.S

    damn 2 chains fucking SUCKS! good lord..

    • bcro31

      Lol. 🙂

    • Van Sertima

      lol –

    • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs


  • Yall RR niggas need help

    Cam deadass gave niggas 2 episodes of that “First of the Month” shit then hung up his Jordans smh…I was actually fake invested in that shit. Oh and get on yall fucking blog job scrubs, he dropped the cover & tracklist to this month’s EP also

  • Young OldHead

    when i first heard this on ghetto heaven i thought this shit was weak but this beat mean dawgg
    and where them episodes at nigga this nigga be wildinnn

  • RealDeal©Hill