New LP: Dutch Rebelle ‘Rebelle Diaries’


Bang Bang.

Boston’s Dutch Rebelle shares pages of her manuscript with her new LP, Rebelle Diaries. At 14 tracks, notable features include New York players Fred The Godson and 360. Stream or download here on iTunes.

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  • Develop

    Are artists paying you to posts their mixtapes now? How much?

    • Yup

      Good question

    • joeymontana617

      its not a mixtape you idiot!!! its an album!

  • M.E.C.C.A,

    Of course they are paying unless they owe the artist a favor or wish to lean on the artist on the future

    It sucks cus I know who this is by being in Boston she has indeed come far so not knocking her in any fashion but the internet is a double edged sword to the business of rap

    You can pay your way to the top or you can create an epic organic buzz and anonymous people can help you get there genuinely

    Google me to hear my music
    M.E.C.C.A – Stay With Me Meccathemanhimself #SoundCloud

    • Ryan Lucht

      yeah man I heard trying to slide your music into blog comments is a great way to build “epic organic buzz”….

      • M.E.C.C.A,

        It is indeed especially when I know you either gonna take the time to look me up so you can formulate a hateful opinion or fight the temptation of doing so and still have something snide to say either way you did just discover who I’m though

        That was to easy…

        And let’s be clear I ain’t hating on nobody I actually told girl to her face at one of her shows she dope but what I said about how folks get on in this business is true

        You either running with the masses or creating that bridge with them but this is a business so always keep in mind that business is and will always be taken care of on the front or back end of the deal..

  • Nat

    Ain’t paying. Just built relationships and worked hard.

  • ExecTheBright

    Come on y’all no one is paying and they don’t owe shit… She worked hard and developed a relationship with them. Respect her grind for goodness sake.

  • Heffington

    Nah.. B Dot openly talked about Dutch on the Breakfast Club last year.. Looks like she put in the work. Get on your grind my G.

  • Promo!

    Oh…this is funny. Pay? No need for that. Its all her hard work she put in & networking, relationships she built. Anyone can do it. Get up and Grind.
    s/o to rap radar ! KissKissBangBang

    • Lmao


  • Jordan Mateens

    this tape is ok…nothing stands out for me. i’m not hating but what’s her story? I gave it a listen and I still feel like I barely know her. she can rap, but it’s the certain kind of punchline rap that I dunno…just feels empty.

    Fred The Godson isn’t helping me either.

    I’ll listen more from her in the future, but i’d like to hear some more growth from the production and subject matter.

    • Jamal

      I agree with this statement. She can rap but there is no clear storyline here. After listening to the project i still know nothing about her. The production also sounds a little dated. I feel she needs to work on her writing skills a little bit more as well. The punchline rap is cool…but it doesn’t really impress me.

      • Jordan Mateens

        Yea man…it’s not awful or anything but there’s no hook. There’s nothing that grabs me about her at all, if she wants to do punchline shit just do innovative club music…but don’t do this sampled throwback stuff, outside of 35+ year olds in NYC no one wants to hear that stuff.

        Dutch if you’re reading this, you can rap…i just feel like you can do more. Please take my criticism as a positive, and not a negative.

  • M.E.C.C.A,

    If yall ain’t paying to play or never did then Michu respect to you and yours it’s a hard world out here and for a female to grace this site says a lot

    But I do wana say that all are not so fortunate to have their grinds respected equally just saying I know a lot of people busting their ass and still won’t get to where they wish to go without some. Money exchanging hands and that’s fact

    Do your research ask the hard question go to their events see for yourself it ain’t always about talent it ain’t akways about what you know

  • joeymontana617

    Represent!!!! #617 Support the gyrl and stop the hatin shyt!