New Video: Asher Roth “Pull It”

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Index Fingers Up.

In support of his RetroHash, Asher Roth puts his finger in the air for the final installment for the album’s visual trilogy. Says Roth:

“Pull It” is the third and final chapter in the ‘RetroHash’ journey. Following “Parties at the Disco” (escape) and “Last of the Flohicans” (ego death), “Pull It” represents the transformation.

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  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani


  • b r z a

    dope record but this video is painful

  • RealDeal©Hill

    L S D

  • Mr.November

    Im convinced people hate on him because he is white. I have heard cheap ass songs like this that everyone jumps on right away. When he does it, there is almost no support because no one wants to hear a white dude rap. Kinda how its harder for a hispanic to get a chance in other lanes. I guess it balances out… Too many people have their mind set on certain beliefs, I’m ranting at 2 am with some liquor. I come out wrong in any argument