Saigon Returns To The Breakfast Club

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You Know The Story.

Brian Carenard returned to the Breakfast Club recently to discuss his latest album, GSNT 3. He spoke on being independent, fatherhood, relationship with Just Blaze, his role on Love & Hip Hop, upcoming role for the Entourage film and more. Upcoming NY rappers, do not take this personal.



While chatting with Power 105’s morning crew, Saigon says he would love to introduce his fist to some of your favorite rapper’s faces for their negative influence on the youth. Fight the power? He also plugs TGSNT 2, recalls being banned from Sirius XM, talks Prodigy, Shyne and more.

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  • Belize

    I wish this nigga would KO these payolla bloggers..this rap game needs a civil war


  • Zagga

    He’s an idiot. Ross, 2 Chainz, etc aren’t marked towards kids. Plus their CDs have the ‘Explicit Content’ stickers. Their music is marketed towards young adults/adults, who are old enough for their type of music.


    Get it – Fight the power?

    Oh Saigon, you disgruntled rapper. Punch yourself

  • Please sit the fuck down

    With all that hype behind him he still hasn’t released even ONE memorable song. With his appearance on enterouge he should’ve definitely blown up already. And wasn’t it him who was bragging about shooting somebody and going to jail like he was some real g? … And now he’s all high and mighty.. Please fool go retire you’re wack.

  • M.T


  • CaliSteppin

    @Please sit the fuck down Are you stupid? Saigons “Greatest Story Never Told’ got universal acclaim. So you sit the fuck down and have several seats

  • Winston Churchill

    Saigon is underrated as fuck.

  • Cali760

    Realest shit I heard today.

  • DJ Game

    Co-sign sai!

  • Huh?

    Who is Saigon?

  • Wolf

    @Zagga ever hear of the internet?

  • Jay

    The jig is up…. Real talk. Gotta keep pushing progressive music.

  • mike

    Same dude who said sorry to Ross on Twitter over the Sohh shit.

  • Ash Ketchum

    This nigga should punch himself….Nobody is going to say “Hey I should checkout saigon’s music” If he punches anybody.This same nigga who started a fake beef with Hoe budden for attention smh.

  • CBH

    Co-sign. He saying a lot of truth.

  • @Artise1

    These artist spending money loosely, you ask them about their culture, they talk about Gucci.

    KRS-ONE (1991)



  • Exile

    He’s speaking the truth. Remember when yall went to grandma’s house and they played tame music? When we get older we’ll be in rocking chairs listening to Bitches ain’t shit but hoe’s and tricks,skeet skeet that hoe and I get high. sad when you think about it

  • Ran

    The message ain’t about punching somebody, it’s about raising the kids on better influence besides drugs, guns & big booty hoes, the kids do need an alternative, they need to punch the people pushing this music, that parental advisory sticker aint enough, especially when all you gotta do is turn on the radio!

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  • Stoner Logic

    rick ross & 2 chainz have been doing their thing for a while now, why speak now? sound like someone wants attention tbh

  • The original lucci

    How many luccis is it now everyday a new nigga named lucci!!

  • Your Father

    This nigga is wack for this.
    Ain’t he the same one who made a song called “For Some Pussy”?

  • Crazy

    Everything dude said was the truth but it ain’t just them 2 artists but he probably said them because they are the biggest at the moment officer ricky comes from a great home went to college and university had a good job but never talks about that he tells these kids to be in the hood sell drugs and shit and 2 chainz is clever but comes across in his music like a retard grown men dont listen to that shit only kids who are naive and haven’t grown up yet

  • Chuck

    Good job Saigon… You got the publicity you were looking for… You gotta capitalize off the bruh…

  • honest

    Saigon is too irrational

  • kayandgee

    ross and 2 chainz are not on the same level by the way, ross is waaaaaaay better and they shouldnt be compared, they both poppin thats the only thing but thats it. saigon should bow down and kiss ross ring

  • acidrap

    He right.Ross just a weask ass c.o. but those other lames like 2 chainz,french montana,gucci, some body need to take they muthafuckin heads off!!

  • Nathaniel

    lupe dropped this year.

    kendrick dropped.

    j. cole is popular. he just put out miss america.

    sure, there is radio. but it’s 2012. you old niggas spend your time on the radio. most of these teens spend all day on the internet. they’re listening to much more than the redundant radio records. believe it. and even when they ain’t buyin’ these albums, they’re still downloading, spotifying, and every thing else. i understand sai’s sentiment. but access to a wide range of music is much higher these days.

  • buzz

    alright somebody do a collab with Saigon, he getting mad, Ross, Chainz, kanye, Jay , big sean Wayne….somebody. he wanna punch ya’ll now. nigga got the ‘angry drunk” syndrome

  • J. O.

    If this guy wants to punch wack rappers don’t let him look in the mirror. Greatest Story Never Told was a waste of my money.

  • Crazy

    If this guy wants to punch wack rappers don’t let him look in the mirror. Greatest Story Never Told was a waste of my money.

    You must be retarded cos that album got great reviews and is critically acclaimed

    Dope interview it felt like i was listening to a real human being and not a actor

  • Real Talk.

    why is it wack to educate the youth through music.
    but its cool to mislead the youth?

    its a message that runs deep, instrumental with the new world order.

    break families apart, increase fear and negativity among the masses, and dumb us down.
    music is sound, sound is vibrations, certain vibrations trigger certain emotions.

    listen to a selp improvement audio, and see how good u feel after that. and notice how productive you will become if you cut out the b.s. rap, and listen to positive messages. You become powerful, dangerous to these devils.

    Im too smart to fall for their tricknology, and i earn a living, under the table, just on the internet.
    So im not a victim of this system anymore, i been lockd up, husltn, most my friends is gone.
    I would never glorify that, infact im gonna get even, and pimp the system. U gotta listen to dead prez to understand what that means.

    and real hip hop lives forever

    turn your cellphone bill into a steady income

  • cessa730

    i was gonna go in on all these clowns talking shit. but they r obviously part of the problem n not the solution. young adults are innocent minds as well. between the ages of 12 and 17 is when we develop our more permanent opinions. that god i was listening to pac as well as pacs interviews when i was that age, n that was long after he passed. cus otherwise it woulds been mystikal n master p tellin me to shake my ass. if rick ross, 2 chains (who is SMART), Chief Keef, held interviews like pac explaining WHY they think there music is an adequate or appropriate expression of our struggle as a people n overcoming that struggle with what we were given, then i cud respect them more. I HATE THE SONG TUPAC BACk, cus who the heck does this man think he is?? A COP?! cus he DEF aint No Revolutionary like my man TUPAC SHAKUR. these songs r penetrating out youth in ways ignorant people will ignore. White kids can bump it n have fun with it, cus the ones who parents are BUYING this shit have fxckin money anyways. However the POOR kids are admiring this trash n most of them are black. bafoonery is not something i want my unborn seeds partaking in. nicki minaj is a self glorifed hoe! & the glorification of easy money is what seems appealing to kids. they want things that they cant afford cus theses are getting PAID LARGE to keep us IGNORANT & POOR in our minds and in our pockets.

  • Realniggashit

    Saigon keep pushing my dude

  • yaboy

    REAL TALK. and im glad to say ive never paid a dime to any of these rappers putting out that bullshit

  • cessa730

    whats on the radio is whats reaching th masses.

  • cessa730

    j cole wont go with their program n so he isnt rising according to his message. kedrick n lupe are lyricist with a message every now and again. pool full of liquor..yea lovely.

  • Del

    Saigon’s album is the realest shit out

  • Ra’Nique


  • He aint bitter, he is spittn truth…. men lie women lie numbers dont… Todays hiphop raises statistics..Not consciousness… so happoy i aint a young kid in highschool… and no i dont need kids raising kids… this grown man truth… theirs no balance for these youngsters to see and make a decision… its a oneway street to the end…

  • Nathaniel


    what you said about kendrick and lupe just isn’t true. lupe is 99.9% positivity and message. and you should listen to swimming pools again. he’s deconstructing alcoholism in his family and among young people. not encouraging people to drink. if you’re gonna criticize, you’ve got to really “listen to the words they say” like pac said.

  • yeah

    good interview.. sadly half the niggaz in the comments are still missing the point, the same people are buying into the lifestyles and not the music. fantasy livin ass niggaz

  • Good Interview

  • one of the bests interviews the breakfast club has ever done it great tp hear a real opinion on hip hop culture not just talking about nonsense all the time


    i liked when he dissed officer ricky a couple years back