• Non Fiction Dixon

    Snow The Product >

  • poetic assasin

    This was the best cypher overall as far as all the participants – one year they will have a better beat for them to spit on smh- could barely hear Los… Treach killed it, Snow was Ill, and Banner took over… The night should be a sign/push for us to alter our ways… but we won’t.

  • Von

    Snow! *Jeezy voice*

  • MJeezy

    Treach went in on this but I’ll be damned if D. Banner didn’t body this cypher!

    • Brian B.Dotâ„¢ Miller

      David Banner came off pretentious to me with the whole “scholar” look. Like, ok, we get it, you’re an intellect.

      • b r z a

        lol right

      • Savimbi

        true!!!! he should have let it come naturally, the whole reading while everybody else was rapping was corny and i didn’t even hear half of what he said lol

      • MJeezy

        True true. But you gotta admit he’s not the first one to do this (example: loaded lux). Plus, I think it kinda helped emphasize his verse. I mean, the verse wouldn’t have been any weaker if he haven’t chosen this look, but since it’s the BET and all, I think he wanted to make a “visual statement” as well.

        • Brian B.Dotâ„¢ Miller

          I guess u have a point.

          • Rhett Toolsee

            He wasn’t intellectual with his clothing choice. Didn’t african american muslims dress like that. I mean he was holding the koran in his hand and reading the entire time. If you realise he couldn’t care about delivery or anything he was just trying to get his point across

      • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs

        I guess if he had his pants saggings off his ass you would have been happy. SMH!
        Nobody can be different these days.

      • Mike Markidis

        there you go again palpable now pretentious..ok we get it youre an intellect…stop hating hes been dressing like that

    • breezy

      treach was trash, stop dickeatin cocksucka!!!

      • Mike Markidis

        die bitch!!!

        • breezy

          go back to the 90’s faget

      • MJeezy

        eat a dick faggot! stop being a fucking pussy ass bitch and get the fuck off my dick you punk bitch! i tried respecting you but you obviously a bitch that likes to hide behind their computer screen! I bet you wouldn’t be saying half this shit in real life, would you champ? pussy ass motherfucker! I bet you ain’t even hit puberty yet! tell your cunt of a mom i said hi and tell her to lay off them tacos since she a fat bitch now!

        • Evelyn

          this is why black folks on the lowest level … cant even have a convo on a blog .. all this aint neccessary

      • Evelyn

        really? what kinda cuss word is that dick eating? omg…

  • Savimbi

    Snow Tha Product really killed it!!!!!!! I heard her name before but never took time to check her music out, she gained a fan!!!!

    • Honestly

      Her delivery is awful but her bars aren’t bad, she needs more practice

  • smillinkilla

    watching this makes you realize rappers are dime a dozen these days. smh WHO ARE THESE POEPLE?!

  • MegaMan

    Snow the Product was corny as fuck. These white girls make me sick…

  • Gordon Shumley

    For being the only “hip hop awards”, BET failed miserably at attracting any big names.

    • Music

      because smart artists know that BET and all these blogs are just culture vultures using hip hop to help their ass out. This year cypher’s were the weakest.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This was definitely better than Taylor gang cypher.

  • 476231

    Snow looks like a tranny.

    He was the best of the entire crew though.

    • nah she look like that lady from the old tv show the nanny

      • bcro31

        Lol Fran drascher. Her voice was annoying, but she was cute.

  • bcro31

    Snow the product is fine as hell.

  • snow tha product really was the standout among the younger rappers and treach bodied that version of that cypherholdin it down for the og’z

    • bcro31

      She had a mixtape with dj whoo kid a few years ago. It was a decent mixtape.

      • i heard some of her songs before i listen to one of her mixtapes i cant remember the name of it it had a cartoon album cover of her riding an elephant shes pretty dope

  • noose

    Snow no doubt had the best cypher. its dope to see her finally getting the exposure she deserves

  • Wokenina

    SNOW THA PRODUCT WOW! AMAZING Latina rapper….Her album good nights and bad mornings 2 is Ahmaaazing -Talk about a breath of fresh air out from this main stream crap from other females who honestly can’t rap. You wanna make an honest opinion? Check out her album for yourself.

  • Dsunn

    bruce almighty

  • caskett ology

    SNOW KILLED IT LIKE SHE ALWAYZZZZZZZ DOES! IF U DON’T KNOW U BETTA ASK SOMEBODY! And Joseline Hernandez needs to take her lumps lying down cuz she don’t want none of SNOW THA PRODUCT!


  • caskett ology

    I’m not LATINA and I’m telling you SNOW IS THA REAL DEAL! The Chic can go hard one minute and flip it and go funny! Her style is so versatile; she can rap to anything and her beats are always DOPE!

  • James Dean

    Get the fuck outta here Snow the product. And I receive all hate after this statement. Shes beyond trash. Los all fucking day.

  • Mike Markidis

    since when los started dressing like this…boyyy you sooo different smh

  • Claudia Figueroa

    SNOW SNOW SNOW !!!!! Amazing, Best out there!

  • Evelyn

    whats the problem with david banner? cus he aint with that wicketnes no more he wack now?

  • JoeyJoeJoeJr.

    I’m in love with Snow. What a talented, beautiful young woman.

  • Snow tha Product killed it? Every single one of you are trippin, she was wack..