• Savimbi

    OT Genasis had one of the best verses last night. he gained a fan…that Coco vid he put on worldstar a few days ago kinda threw me off…but that was the perfect timing and marketing.

    • j.brew

      that dude was garbage as fuck. sound stupid like he got a lisp, simple ass flow, using those weak one word metaphor bullshit style that’s been played out. LUX the only one who went in on this. period.

  • Kevin Gates is killin’ shit.

  • Earl Big Lips

    I feel like G Eazy is a Troll!
    I hate this nigga!

    • word

    • Dafuq


      I hate your crew, but I hate that nigga more!

  • whackwhiterappers

    every white rapper proved why this is not their culture. no shade.

    • Savimbi


  • Hovnation

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  • i dont who the first rapper is but he just give so many other rappers so much ammo against him they only one who really spit a little something is lux the rest of them is straight garbage zzzzz cricket sounds

  • See(sic)

    “Meditated for days in the elevator to greatness” That line from Gates, but everything else except Loaded was mehhhh

  • The Incredible Creation

    fucked wit G, Gates n Lux http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/

  • SneakerFreaker

    nicest was whiteboy…. then gates flow