New Video: Kid Ink Ft. Usher x Tinashe “Body Language”


Greatest Show On Earth.

For those addicted to the strippers, Kid Ink fulfills your fantasies with a live peep show full of eye-candy in his new video featuring Usher and Tinashe. The NSFW flick is in support of his forthcoming album. Enjoy!

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  • Black

    On all his songs the only thing I like are the hooks. Chris Brown before & now Usher & Tinashe but he should give the R&B artists a bigger cut when they collaborate cuz they’re why these songs are working….definitely not his rhyming ability or tons of dumb tattoos

  • dat dude

    what was the point off having the girl on here she didn’t do nothin

    • shes just there for name only and to look pretty in the video nothing more nothing less

  • smoss44

    usher no more moves just hipster attire

  • thats how i like to my girls in crystal cubes it seals in the freshness keeps the air from getting in

  • Noneya

    Came here for solely for Tinashe.

    • say word even tho her body is not really that bangin pretty face hands down

      • M.A.T.

        At least her body is natural. All I’m going to say. haha

  • okay i’m tired of this sounds already.

  • Troll The Duck

    Dope as fuck….

  • Realistically

    Tired of the stripper songs.

  • Esquire

    Not Enough Tinashe For My Taste

  • b r z a

    these Mustard beats are getting mad boring this sounds just like “Main Chick”

  • Jake Zero

    This song is horrible. The music, hook and raps are all bargain basement.