New Music: TeeFlii Ft. Bobby Shmurda x Ty Dolla $ign “24 Hours (Remix)”

24 hours remix


Another day, another remix. TeeFlii capitalizes off the success of his “24 Hours” with a new remix featuring Bobby Shmurda. Premiered by Power 106’s DJ Charisma.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    garbage i’m tired of that dj mustard sound, hurt my mothafuckin ears.

  • straight garbage im so sick and tired of this sound of dj mustard i thought were suppose to recycle garbage weres the recycling bin

  • Uncle Tom

    DJ mustard is making so much bread of you simpletons thinking you listening to a different song…NIGGAS ITS THE SAME FUCKING BEAT AND MELODY EVERY TRACK! Smfh. I understand a hiphop site to be successful needs to promote what’s trendy and relevant but when the fuck are we going to say ok enough of the sewer trash

    • Greenbergs

      lol you think they care…no one does they gon continue letting the shit pollute the the same time though club records are needed, and nobody really doing that except for mustard and a few other cats..

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      sewer trash? yall are just mad that Mustard figured out how to make hits over and over again, and most of these underground cats can’t make a girl dance to save their life

  • Greenbergs

    this dude shmurda layed a 4 on this, what the fuck was the point??

  • diggz

    I don’t know I kinda think shmurda is dope

  • Aubrey Graham

    Schmurda did better then I thought he would be. Not bad