New Music: The Lox “All We Know”

trinity 2

Coke Dreams Getting Bigger.

From gats to sour disel, Sheek, Styles and Jada know it all. And with their The Trinity: 2nd Sermon arriving Tuesday, they showcase case their expertise on this new cut. Pre-order the EP on iTunes now.

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  • First Darnell izlar from Waldorf MD email your boiiii wit a job dam this shit go so hard

    • Uncle Tom

      you always telling niggas to email you because your public library only allows you to be on the computer for two hours…smh buy damn computer broke nigga!

  • how come new york say they don’t have NY music here it is

    • Uncle Tom

      I love my city but NY DOES NOT SUPPORT NY its a proven fact, theory, concept..whatever the fuck else you can think of its proven. NY are full of haters that don’t want to see anyone else win and succeed besides themselves. We do niggas dirty and violate just to get ahead JUUUU HEARD

      • some real shit

      • DreamBigLiveLarge

        same shit everywhere bruh. I’m in delaware and ya comment relates directly

  • Elz

    The LOX >>>>>>>>>>>>> every fuckin group Dipset, Mobb Deep G-Unit, Wu Tang, NWA , Outkast ,The Beatles, Avengers, X-Men

    • Uncle Tom

      The lox would be garbage without jada, styles is nice but not that nice but you’re BUGGING for this post… know just for that I’m going to slap your grandmother in the back of the head with my penis while I make her recite the pledge of allegiance….pussy

      • realish

        ha was that a joke. sheek.n styles bodied gunit rocafella n anybody who beefed with them back in the day. jada too but dont sleep. they could easily out rap any of your fav top 5

      • diggz

        Lol the Beatles wouldn’t be shit without John Lennon or Ringo … What does that even mean

        • Michael Ib bett

          Lol what? Ringo was the least talented, least important member, he was a decent drummer but that’s about it. …but yeah, they’re Def not better than the beatles, wu tang, or the x men. The rest is debatable.

          • diggz

            ha yeah I wasn’t really saying wutang is or isn’t better then the beatles, I was just sayin saying LOX isn’t shit without Jada is kind of crazy cause he’s 1 of 3 of the group, no jada there is no lox anyway.

    • diggz

      Gotta one up this one. Not sure if they better then the Beatles tho lol good joint tho

    • MegaMan

      Migos are the best rap group in the game at the moment! Not even a question… if you don’t like their flow, I’m sure your favorite rapper does.

      Migos > The Lox, Outkast, Wu-Tang, Run the Jewels

      • el jim chapo guzman

        shut the fuck up you faggot ass nigga.

  • diggz

    Lox is dope!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    dope good shit lox. honestly i know they can’t make another one like this.

  • LOX