Nigel Sylvester Interviews Kendrick Lamar

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No Setbacks

While down in Puerto Rico for the first annual Bacardi Triangle fest, pro BMX bicyclist Nigel Sylvester interview Kendrick Lamar to discuss their inspirations and most fearful setbacks. In part two of their interview, they discuss stolen bikes, family and career.

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  • b r z a

    Salute to both of the guys

  • el jim chapo guzman

    i wonder if Nigel Sylvester still ride his bike, cause 27 still riding bikes is not a good look.

    • RightHook

      huuuuuuh?? he gets 6 figures to “ride his bike” . You gotta be joking

      • el jim chapo guzman

        I feel you but don’t you think that’s lame riding a bike.

        • Public Hairs

          It’s a lot better than the office or manual labor you and I have to do for way less money. Lame? I dont see how.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            That’s your opinion and I respect it.

        • Marley71

          Nah…I miss riding my bike. Think Tony Hawk, touring the world, interacting with fans, teaching kids, getting paid. We should encourage him to do it as long as possible, but also make sure he’s getting ownership. Riding bikes is some of the most fun I had, always a little envious when I would see the little kids riding through on their freestyle bikes.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Get it how you live.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • jjjtuk

    yet another nut hugging interview how many interviews are you gonna post like damn