Common Recites “This War We Fight”

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To commemorate Veteran’s Day, Common salutes our troops inside the White House by reciting a poem that he penned. War? What is it good for?

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  • The Incredible Creation

    Com’ Sense from the city of wind…

  • do_betta

    krit album in stores,, pull the tripper, skip two #1’s at mickey d’s, and get the album instead! yall (rapradar community) show him love in the comments, time to show him love on itunes lol..

  • were far from peace i respect com but lets be real the reason we fight is because peoples voices and needs are not being heard or being meet and sending young people off to fight and die or come back disfigured or mentally disturbed theres no honor in that

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Most of the Veteran’s is on crack nowadays.