New Music: Mack Maine Ft. 2 Chainz x Mac Miller “Living All Of Your Dreams”


G.O.O.D. Music.

Cash Money Records is the place where dreams come true. And with that said, Mack Maine manifests his with 2 Chainz and Mac Miller in support of his upcoming mixtape Food For Thought.  Dreamy flow you got there, Mac. Produced by Lex Luger, the tape is penciled in for November 24.

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  • Nicholas El Tahir Jayy

    I hate to admit this but Mac Miller has been more consistent than Wiz khalifa… Matter of fact I’ll go even further, he has grew and improved as a rapper more than Wiz. It’s crazy because 5 years ago I would’ve never thought that looking at Wiz potential but he has turned into a awkward ass weed rapper. I don’t know if it’s the L.A influence and all the hipster weirdos but he doesn’t seem remotely similar to the Deal or No Deal Wiz. Damn homie… Btw Mac been killing shit since his last album. PEACE GOD!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Garbage ass track get the fuck outta here.

  • do_betta

    krit album in stores,, pull the tripper, skip two #1’s at mickey d’s, and get the album instead! yall (rapradar community) show him love in the comments, time to show him love on itunes lol,,,.

  • ITS ME

    I’m ashamed of Mac Miller for hopping on a MACK MAINE joint…. Smh

  • L Train

    U can tell niggas don’t know what to do musically. This shit is a dud. Everything about this record is trash. We need a whole new group of artist to hit the scene cause these niggas is dated and wack as shit.