New Music: Lil Boosie x Rich Homie Quan “Like A Man”

like a man

Think Like A Man.

Along with Rich Homie Quan, Boosie Badazz makes the most of his come up on the latest release off his upcoming, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell. Be a man and download his Life After Deathrow here.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Aye JOHNNY this lil boosie joint is corny as fuck, fuck life after deathrow.

    • Johnny Caruso

      Nigga that’s a corny ass statement.”Gone bad” .”Murada Was the case” & “Life that I dream of” were all great songs on that “Life after Deathrow ” mixtape .You got a rite to your opinion.But my nigga already took over so it don’t matter what anybody think now

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

        Life After DEathrow is fire. straight up

      • el jim chapo guzman

        I feel sorry for your mother.

  • ShmIamRealTalk


    • Johnny Caruso

      Yea that’s my nigga.Shine on these hos Boosie!


      ol bunk ass jewelry-pimp c lol

  • Your Father

    I guess you guys are just gonna ignore the name change, huh?

  • M.E.C.C.A,

    Man I had high hopes for BOOSIE after jail seems like that money was all he ever wanted….

    It hurts to know niggas like him and Gucci could really do some good out here but as long as they getting money they don’t care about the bigger picture

    And that’s real man shit

    • Johnny Caruso

      Troll on another site bitch, you ain’t listening to the music, you never been a fan, you just a bitch ass nigga go suck your moma titty and shake your daddy dick #PUSSY!

  • Non Fiction Dixon

    Wasnt Boosie saying a couple a months ago that black people were slaves because of material items

    • Johnny Caruso

      Boosie never said that you dumb ass bitch

      • Non Fiction Dixon

        Yea everyone is gangster behind a computer pussy. I just asked a question you broke Italian piece of shit!

        • Johnny Caruso

          That’s rite I’m a gangster bitch..and my pieces of shit are worth more than you’ll ever be worth hoe ass nigga.

          • Non Fiction Dixon

            Whatever youll get fucked up in real life defending someone you dont know lol! Ask your slutty mama and your dead freaky grandma about me dirtball!

          • Johnny Caruso


          • Non Fiction Dixon

            Who talked shit i like his music you cunt bag. But i know female fans like yourself get extra emo. He did come with an article where he said blacks are slaves for wearing too much jewelry but i forgot you cant read homo. Im done talking to you!

  • Everybody

    Please go away! – Everybody

  • Johnny Caruso

    “On that level” is better so is “Gone bad” “Life I dream of” & “Murada Was the Case” off his mixtape.this is solid tho anybody hating on Boosie is just a Troll.If you hate period makes you a Troll and that ain’t just an opinion.


      youd prob actually suck dick for boosie to get a autograph its ok to be a fan but damn homie

      • Johnny Caruso

        No bitch but your moma can suck a mean dick tho.Had you out her ass that’s why your name is shit head

        • MIKEY ESCO

          very creative 3rd grader smh

          • Johnny Caruso

            He’ll a 1st grader could see your moma is a hoe.

          • Johnny Caruso

            I don’t need to be educated on knowing the difference from a hoe nigga to a real nigga.If you ain’t feeling Boosie Boo then your heart must pump Kool Aid

  • War Machine

    I fuck with Boosie. But this single sucks. I think #NoJuice would of been a better single.

  • PhilLee8

    Hot Garbage.


    Yo boo pac go away and never ever spit that trash you call rap……

  • Dumb Haters man

    Yall are fuckin dumb. Yall hatin on Boosie cause yall don’t like real rap. Realest nigga since Pac. Go get on some bitch rappers shit if your gonna talk like that