New Music: Ghostface Killah x AZ “Double Cross”

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Ghostface has a story to tell. While going to visit his wiz, he gets nabbed by the police thanks to a tip by former friend. Better watch the company you keep. 36 Seasons arrives December 9.

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  • brandonEP

    whoa!!! this beat is hard

  • Marley71

    Love the team that Ghost is assembling. The artwork, the cartoons, the collabs, the production. Hope he stays healthy and tours, because he can do this for years to come. This is what we want from him, not chasing commercial trends, but just being faithful to the art. He’s growing, he’s not staying stagnant. I hope he is able to not just stay in the crime saga vein but continue to bleed on the track, and share all of his life experiences. Hope he recoups and profits.

    • Ayo


    • I feel u but i feel like its a double edged sword. The Twelve Ways To Die album was terrible. It doesn’t sound like an album Ghost would put together. It reeks of Label forced work. The concept, the beats even the cover. All this abstract artwork and left field shit is crazy. It’s almost as if these ‘White fan boys’ labeled Ghost as some underground abstract dude like J Dilla or MF Doom. and looking at all the artwork and the stuff that comes out of Ghost’s camp these days it’s definitely non urban people that are behind this. Just saying it should be a balance, I felt like he went way too much on the other side with 12 ways to die. but it looks like hes back to the essence with 36 Seasons with AZ Kool G and Pharaoh Monch!! Im not feeling the crazy Alien Vs Predator looking cover tho!!!

  • real talk dope song with a real message speak on it god

  • true story no lie

    Love AZ is all over this album. Ghost stay consistent reppin the Wu.

  • Peekay

    Man…this KNOCKS!

  • Classic original real ass hip hop shit for real hip hop heads. luv it.

  • Int’l J

    This nigga the most consistent out the Wu

  • The Incredible Creation