No I.D. On ‘Juan Epstein’

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No I.D. Needed.

No I.D. was recently in town and made an appearance on Juan Ep. With Quatermaine filling in for Cipha Sounds, Mr. Wilson talked about his early days rapping, Common, Kanye, Chicago, and everything else in between.

Ok this is a really special podcast. For starters, No I.D. is an amazing interview and his story is incredibly inspirational. Also Ciph was called into some Hot Mixer’s meeting and my old cohost and dear friend Quartermaine happened to be visiting so he jumped in for Ciph. No I.D. goes through who his entire career, discusses the ups and downs with Common, and breaks down his incredible history with Kanye. ENJOY!

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  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    Love days like this! Juan EP!

  • Don P

    Straight history lesson. This shit was super dope

  • Keith Eades

    That’s why BP3 took so long to come out! 808 was tough and Ye needed it more after his mother passed. 808 was therapy for Ye and you can tell when you listen to the entire album!! I respect Ye for saying these are my tracks!!

  • The Incredible Creation