New Video: G-Unit “Big Body Benz”

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.56.52 PM

That’s My Car.

Since Mercedes Benz hasn’t rolled out those 700s yet, Kidd Kidd recounts his days of wanting an old school S-Class in his new video. Whatever car you’re in, be sure to download the Unit’s The Beauty Of Independence EP here.

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  • BrickDaddyKane

    Wow, who ever thought 50 would have a video premiere on WSHH? Anyway, this video made me like the song more. I think next year is gonna be an amazing year for Hip-Hop.

    • hostage

      Indeed better with visuals. Maan I love them slo-mo scenes in front of the shops. Culture is getting to me 😀

    • @ikeluv88

      Q said on The Breakfast Club a few months back they are cool and have no problems.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      word. Beef must be over

    • You niggas are DUMB!

      Q play 50s video NOW because 50 WON when he SUED Q! 50 don’t NEED the MONEY so Q play 50s VIDEOS to SETTLE THE LAWSUIT! But it’s FUNNY when 50 SUE it’s G-SHIT but when somebody SUES 50 they a SNITCH!


        business and street shit is different fool

        • Mylo

          Stans bro… Don’t waste yo time.

      • LOL

        can’t talk to 50 Cent groupies, they follow anything he does whether it’s right or wrong. that’s what’s wrong with hip hop today, too many yes men involved.


          So you don’t see how suing a business for using your image without consent is completely different from suing a nigga for stealing your chain after you took a picture with his child knowing he dont fuck with you???

          • chocboywonder

            couldn’t have said it any better…simple niggas just don’t understand.


      And I agree with 2015 being a HUGE year for Hip-Hop. #TIMELESS

    • Sheeesh

      50 said in the Breakfast Club interview that he was going to own wshh by the end of the year… its 4th quarter and he’s on the site now, hmmmmm

      • chocboywonder

        he prolly just took his settlement in terms of stock rather than cash.

    • he might just have bought it lol

  • @ikeluv88

    Got this hook stuck in my head now

    Hope they do a video for Ease Up

  • Marley71

    Going to watch it now…feel like a kid, this song has been on repeat, and I knew the video was coming. Hope the visuals live up to it.

    • Cobraking

      Thats KiddKidd’s Son


        naw they showed some other guy standing with the unit for a few seconds

      • brollya

        naw dats his lil brother

    • sQoolboy

      That’s rizselfmade…he’s at the end of the watch me video too!

    • jaskey

      Riz the new member

  • War Machine

    This shit flames. Shout out to Kidd Kidd for getting through all the hate. True talent always wins out. You got there ears now so kill this shit!!! ITS THE UNIT!!!

    • Free Agentz

      Kidd Kidd shined on this song

  • War Machine

    Those must be the new Sms headphones. They look way better then the last joints.

  • Thatguy

    Thank god, Eif Rivera didn’t direct the video.


    Ayo thats the kid who wore Gunplay’s MMG chain in that Major Distribution video! Did Ross ever respond to that shit?

    • ak


  • lenstrom

    GREAT video. Dope song. Very, very consistent effort by The Unit thus far. More proof that iron sharpens iron.


  • el jim chapo guzman

    G unit season just begun.

  • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs


  • hostage

    2:16 -> Fif’ be like: “Yay’, let me through, I’ll show these motherf…. ” …haa haa ha

  • Free Agentz

    Man this shit is hard!!

  • Lisa Obermann

    The actual subject matter is actually repetitive. No actual growth whatsoever. It’s done, son.

  • kudahfee

    Why Kidd Kidd look like a 40 year old teenager!!!

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    Haha nigga its Crazy!!! The Unit gets back together and everybody loses their minds!!!!! Big BODY BENZ!!!

  • Int’l J

    Am I the only one not impressed?

    • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

      Hater alert! Tomorrow your favorite rapper Officer ricky will flop with that so-called Hood Billionaire.

      • Int’l J

        I don’t even rock with Rick Ross so what are you even talking about? You’re so busy hating on him that you’re ASS uming that I’m a fan. I didn’t even know his album was coming out already. He just dropped Mastermind, another album I haven’t listened to.

      • Int’l J

        By the way, all of Ross’ albums flop. That’s what him and 50 have in common!

  • The Incredible Creation

    interesting, ..because i work at a Mercedes dealership lol ..dope vid tho..

  • eftocs

    Man straight fire

  • ThePopesBalls

    the nostalgia of gunit is appreciated, but this new unit is kinda ass to me. everything seems forced between them and the music isn’t very good. shouts to kidd kidd though

    • hostage

      I think that it’s more about their tempo (when) creating tracks. 4-5-6 tracks a night.. yeah, cool, ok, you can do that, but I don’t want you to do that.

      Banks said he ain’t got time to sit on a verse when they’re doing songs. Maaan sit on that shit ’till it stinks! “naa mhean”

      • ThePopesBalls

        maybe they should take their time, cause the songs are mediocre at best


    shit trash


    yeah you left out the g cuz the g aint in you

  • Jea

    Worldstarhiphop has new owner
    Today’s why 50 on there.

  • Rob Lo

    Kidd kidd looks like Tony Yayo stunt double

    • Get Moneynigga

      You must be a lil girl or something becuz you are the only one commenting about how a nigga look

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    G-Unit, we’re running this Rap shit!!!

  • brollya

    if 50 bought worldstar, ross in trouble,,,, he probably a do the same thing he do at thisis50 and post every artist up but ross…..

  • Dafuq

    This shit is tight. The visual really enhances the whole song.

  • Get Moneynigga

    This Classic G Unit Shit.The best video they’ve dropped.Kidd Kidd did his thang on this track.

  • Jeff Hutch

    Kidd Kidd and Lloyd Banks have the most annoying voices in Hip-Hop music.

    • Jeff Hutch Suffers From HIV

      lol ross groupies is mad as fuck

  • iff

    love that g-unit back together and what a great song but if you wanna download links too check out my site.thanks.

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