New Music: Mack Maine x Magnolia Chop “Dedicated To All My Freaks”

dedicated for my freaks

Freaks Of The Week.

Freaks need love too. So in support of his upcoming Food For Though, YMCMB’s president and Magnolia Chop salute them all on their new collaboration. Shouts to ours too.

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  • one word for this song bars im kidding on the real do southern rappers set up recording studios in strip clubs and use the stripper poles at mic stands

    • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs

      I couldn’t tell you, LOL, My money ain’t that long.

  • Mack Maine needs to stick to being the president YMCMB

    • FREE MAX B

      and beating up girls

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Stfu mack mane you garbage.

  • War Machine

    Why this fat piece of shit still thinks he can rap is beyond me. Dude is irrelevant as fuck outside of being president of a bunch of pussy niggaz.

  • smoothsean

    Y are all u lame cock suckers on here listen to it? Just to critize a nigga becus deep down u wanna be down but can’t becus your the jealous type that nobody likes