J.Cole ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ Tracklist



J.Cole’s Fayetteville hometown serves as the backdrop for his junior album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The project drops December 9 with an unconventional roll out. Says Jermaine:

“What up? My New Album is finished. It’s called 2014 Forest Hills Drive and it’s very special to me. It’s available everywhere on 12/9. This time I’m releasing no singles, just the album. See you in 3 weeks. Thank you for the love and support.”

UPDATE: Titles below. No features. Pre-order here.

foresthill track

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  • ReturnOfSimba


  • blk stn


  • Sithdude

    Yaas bitch!

  • out of the box

    He’s not releasing any singles? I hope this album isn’t mediocre though and easily forgotten.

  • kev

    Just what we needed. Can’t wait.

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin


  • MazeTheKid

    I Like The Move. Not Releasing A Single Is Bold

  • T

    Dope ass cover

  • Your Father

    Really hope this will be more varied in subject matter than Born Sinner was. The whole I wanna be faithful to my girl but now that I’m famous so many girls wanna get put on thing got tired real quick. Production was on point but dude phoned it in with the verses for the most part.

    • Upheaval


      He needs to come correct cuz let’s face it, he doesn’t have a great album in his catalog.

  • BxBully

    What the game been missing… Coleworld

  • dreamville

    cant wait

  • J.O. Cool

    Fuck yes…

  • Maurice ReBe’ Bass

    Oh shit. Fourth quarter finally looking promising! !

    • Fritz Jacques

      wrapping up the album 4th quarter im so money !

  • s-r

    yesssssssss, looks amazing

  • Tbh

    Thank god cuz the music out right now is fucking dry, Cole never disappoints, coppin this for sure

  • alex

    It’s really a special time in Hip-Hop the key holders of the new generation are really coming into they’re own as artists Big K.r.i.t, Kendrick, Drake and J Cole are all in place where they are in complete control of they’re art, all of them are so incredibly comfortable there is no reason any of them need to venture into the side of the industry that takes artists brands and cheapens the music. As fans we need to keep supporting them and by support I mean buy they’re albums, I remember from 2007-2010 fans were really afraid of where the music was and looking for something fresh and raw, not so much anymore.

    • yeah its a special time alright, and definitely new and fresh. we’ve never had so many feminine sensitive rappers that are very open and expressive about their inner feelings. rapping about depression and their suicidal feelings while dabbling in the street stories once in a while, the stories that they heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that actually put in work. that sums up drake, kendrick and j.cole. i dont know about big krit

      • alex

        You are sarcasticly poking at rappers because…they explain they’re feelings, yet they somehow are fake yet the opposite I am assuming is something more hardcore….your comment is idiotic. If you don’t like introspection stick to what you know best. Nobody is knocking street music.

        • Cmon Son

          Excellent rebuttal but both of you have points. Even if you agree with Splashy you can’t deny this is an exciting time for the genre, variety is the spice of life & we’re finally getting some back.

          • Steven Brown

            I­’v­­­e st­­­arte­­­­d ea­­­rn­­­in­­­­g $­8­­5 a­­­­n h­­­o­­­ur s­­­in­­ce i st­­­art­­­ed t­­­o fr­­­eel­­an­ce on­­lin­­e s­­ix m­­ont­­hs a­­g­o… M­­y jo­­­­b i­s t­o s­­i­t a­t h­­­om­e fe­­­w hr­­­­s e­­­­a­ch da­­­y a­­­n­d d­o b­­­as­­­ic w­­or­k i g­­­e­t fr­­­om th­­­is c­­­om­­­pa­­ny t­­­ha­­t i st­um­bl­ed u­­po­­n o­­n-l­­in­­e… I a­­­m v­­er­y e­­xc­­it­ed t­­­o s­­­ha­­­re t­­­­h­is j­­­o­b w­­­it­­­h y­­­o­u… I­­­t­’s a­n aw­­eso­­me si­­­de jo­­­­b t­o h­­­av­­­­e
            -> CH­E­­CK HE­R­E WH­A­T I D­­O… <-

          • War Machine

            get a fucking life clown. so tired of seeing these bullshit scams all over the comment sections. whack ass fool get a real job

          • Oz

            J.coles album fucking sucks, it’s worst then the last which was worst
            then the last. bring that friday night lights “farewell” “before i’m
            gone” j.cole – blank bored stare the entire time listening to this

            removed my headphones and threw them down, was so pissed
            after listening to this, expected so much more. the BEATS SUCCKKK YO.
            audio valium. cringeworthy singing, laziest hooks, lamest rhymes and
            patterns, his doing his best eminem , shouting loud and showing us how
            angry he is with nothing to say. abc rhyme patterns just rhyming the end
            of every sentence —–cat, —–hat, ——-sat.

            then his like
            oh fuck people arguing over who’s the king everyones the king, that
            doesn’t matter. then the net track his like fuck you i’m the king of
            this. then white people snatched the sound. does he know him and drake
            are half white with with white mothers who raised them…white? smh.

            Warm up and friday night lights are the only projects you need from
            this guy. he just seems pissed his realised his nowhere near the caliber
            of talent required to take the throne (nowhere even close to drake or
            kendricks talent and they in turn are nowhere close to the talent of the
            90s cats like nas, big pun, jay, pac, eminem, raekwon, andree 3000 in
            their prime – not even close) so now it’s fuck the throne fuck being the
            best. well better to hate what you can’t have cole. this guy is a
            hypocrite he seems more interested in being the best then making the
            best records or best rhymes – his trying to be personal like kendricks
            good kid mad city but he was a better rapper when he told other peoples
            stories and connected himself to them. friday night lights is what this
            album is trying to be but check out friday night lights check out –
            farewell and you you’ll find that there isn’t one song on this new album
            that captures him reminiscing as well, as interesting, on as dope a
            beat with as dope a flow. farewell, before i’m gone, 2 face, the
            autograph, head buss, rise above, see world, all these songs from his
            mix tapes shit all over anything on this album. the worst song on friday
            night lights would be the best song on this album. get this guy off the
            stage his not even a contender anymore. memphis bleak 2.0.

            do better. soups

      • K.I.

        So you’re looking for that next Keef album huh? Need a little more crack selling & running up in your family’s house shooting everybody up music? K.R.I.T., Cole, Kendrick, Drake, etc. are all good because at least they’re saying their truths. Drake catches the most questions but I personally don’t play the role of acting like I know what another nigga’s life is like. Shit, I’m trying to survive in my own shit.

      • Guest

        Agree with the statement, and most of those mentions, but dnt know if KRIT deserves that mention. Talent is there, but I feel like ppl talk abt his music having heard an amazing project that I didn’t know about. As much as ppl hate Wale, Krit hasn’t dropped anything remotely as good as Mixtape About Nothing.

        • Supa_Doopa_Ghost1

          You are wrong as fuck my friend. KRIT Wuz Here was miles better than TMTAN. I was a big early Wale fan, but to think that Krit rapped, produced, and mixed the ENTIRE project himself is CRAZY. He’s better IMO bro.

      • cmonhomiewemajor

        what part of this is feminine?

        pac, nas, biggie, 50, snoop, kurupt, jay, wayne, ye, ti, andre 3000, lauryn hill, etc…ALL the greats showed feelings and honesty

        if you want to hear a bunch of people put on some fake image of toughness go listen to ross

      • #IDGT

        I wrote a long ass rebuttal, but I deleted it because I know you’re just an ignorant motherfucker that won’t take anything from it anyway. Depression is real, and it’s been spoken about in hip hop since it started.

      • Sigh

        You act as if big and pac, geto boys & countless others didnt make an endless amount of songs about thier inner feelings, depression, suicide and paranoia. Wtf man, let that hate go.

      • Subtle

        I see no changes, wake up in the morning and I ask myself:
        “Is life worth living? Should I blast myself?”
        -2pac changes

        Is this an example of a sensitive rapper who only dabbled in street stories?

      • That Nigga Grimace

        congratz to everyone who responded with paragraphs for this troll

      • War Machine

        aww u mad cuz u dont get pussy huh?

      • EquinsuOchaIsAFag

        I dont know if you realize this. But the greatest most legendary rappers had a similar rapping style to J cole. In my opinion the best rap songs out there display rappers feelings and their stories . Also being sensitive in songs could, and most of the time, make songs great and have meaning to it. Just think about it tho.

    • six2ten

      Agree with the statement, and most of those mentions, but dnt know if KRIT deserves that mention. Talent is there, but I feel like ppl talk abt his music having heard an amazing project that I didn’t know about. As much as ppl hate Wale, Krit hasn’t dropped anything remotely as good as Mixtape About Nothing….

      • Chronic

        You clearly haven’t listened to KRIT tahta much…dudes whole catalog shits on almost every song Wales ever made

        • TheTruthHurts

          Word. Krit and Wale are no where near each other in skill. Wale makes mixtapes about nothing, Krit makes real content haha.

    • Affro-hop

      just change all your “they’re” to “their”. Im not trynna be a dickhead grammar police is just kind of annoying cuz I have to re-read your lines to get what you’re trynna say!

    • Grammar Police

      It’s “their own” and “their albums” not “they’re own” or “they’re albums”.

    • JMcL

      big krit sucks tho

    • Greenbergs

      this dude is a fucking moron, who releases an album with no singles or anything?? is this supposed to be some kind of marketing strategy cuz if it is i dont get it..

      • Music

        the single strategy is actually more stupid if you think about it.

        Most people would release the single, that shit gets played out for 6 months, then people don’t want to hear from you any more.

        This album probably does have a single, but it will be released after the album is released to increase sales and avoid leaks.

        • Greenbergs

          are you forgetting how good the one successful single jcole released did?? shit was on the radio non stop and was basically the only single that supported his boring ass rhymes on his wack ass album..

          • Chronic

            When was the last time you posted something positive about an artist? I can’t tell if you’re just a really bad troll, or if you actually have that shitty of a taste in music

          • Greenbergs

            if you followed my shit you would know..

          • Chronic

            Yea let me follow some random guy who hates on everything and isn’t even funny while he does it….think ill pass

          • Greenbergs

            u already seem to be “following me” assuming that i hate on everything..

          • Chronic

            You post on almost every post it seems and I can’t remember any time I’ve seen you saying something was good

          • Greenbergs

            see if your comments were any good i’d recognize your name comment on your shit, but i dont…meh

          • Chronic

            It’s not that your comments are good. I just have a good memory. But to be honest I get you and el jimo or whatever the hell it is mixed up all the tim cause you both post non-stop and never having anything good to say…unless it’s an ironic good…aka you do nothing but troll

          • BK James

            dude has a point tho, this album gonna sell like 5,000 copies at best.

          • Chronic

            So hes gonna go from doing 300,000 first week to 5,000? Just cause he’s not releasing a single? I doubt it. I’m guessing it’ll be around 100,000 first week

          • Greenbergs

            cuz his label is personally going to purchase the albums to get the ball rolling, idiots nowadays dont understand how the industry works…

          • War Machine

            ur a complete moron if u think he will sell 5k lol

            J cole has a cult following and he will have no problems selling because the album willl be dope af. play those snippets and u will understand

          • TheTruthHurts

            This dude is a straight up clown haha, don’t waste your time.

          • Chronic

            An oo yea, Born Sinner had like 4 singles on the radio. And power trip and crooked smiles both got so much play I started to dislike them. Dudes had a bunch of singles from other projects on the radio too. So i don’t get your “his one successful” comment

          • Greenbergs

            Ya never heard of a Lil thing called payola, which jay z n Beyonce are so big on? Lmao the only single that actually got him a buzz was power trip, the other singles were just reinforcements if you will..

          • Chronic

            Crooked smile might’ve been played more than power trip. It probably got him way more female attention than any other song

          • Greenbergs

            Now I know you are dillusional..

        • thirtyyearoldmillionaire

          You know what …I didn’t think of that. To be honest there’s been so few rap releases most of the general Christmas hip-hop loving public will buy his album just because his on an major and its xmas time. He could easily move 600000 before mid January.

        • Ana

          He’s making a statement. Same way he did when he released his album same day as Kanye. He’s J.Cole. He didn’t release a single and his album sales are still going to go through the roof. Duh.

    • Sway am


    • polopolo1

      Wales pushin as well, his album concept sounds like a real peice to say the least

    • Greenbergs

      I couldnt tell if this comment was sarcastic or not..smh

      • alex

        Not everybody on the internet is cynical.

    • blackbeltbreeze

      This is a dope comment. I agree with you. I also am happy but surprised that Killer Mike/Run the Jewels have built to their level of rawness. That’s the part of hiphop that gets lost so easily. I’m glad for the songwriting and music production we are seeing now. Five years ago I would have predicted Freddie Gibbs, Jay Electronica and Black Hippy would have been way more at the forefront. Most of us predicted Cole/KRIT/Kendrick/Drake. I didn’t see Killer Mike and El P coming though.

      • alex

        They might have the album of the year, I hope they are at least sitting at the grammys.

    • Chineses

      Cole going triple platinum with this bitch!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    No singles just the album means no promotions for j Cole.

    • ben stewart


      • el jim chapo guzman

        That’s none of your business.

        • ben stewart

          I only ask because you seem to know what promotion plan they have.#justsaying!

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Maybe I do chicken little.

  • Marley71

    Looking forward to this. Like what he’s saying. And he referenced CANIBUS, and Wu-Tang…always get cool points for those two, not to mention the DJ Quik pumping while he was at the roller rink. Glad he chose not to be “Hollywood Cole”…Hollywood is a cesspool, trust, I’ve lived there, all these sycophants lying to each other about how they “love” each other’s work, you hate to generalize but just nasty people, and a nasty soulless environment to be in.

  • Albert

    No singles before the album isn’t really unconventional.

    • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

      how so?

    • Chronic

      It is if you look at how the rap industry has worked for the past like 15 years

  • Cmon Son

    Cool cover, interesting approach. I had a strong feeling he was gonna go the semi-Beyonce route & just drop out of nowhere & this seems to confirm that….hope it’s dope.

  • Abubakar Mustapha

    Cole is that guy! He’s not about the money, that’s why he’s not releasing any single. Just buy or download the album. Can’t wait.. #ColeWorld

  • super boring… why does anyone want to listen to the life stories of the likes of J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar? lol has the gap between middle class and lower class gotten so big that the audiences of today think this is a struggle? Can Elliot interview someone real like Young Dolph? or Young Scooter?

    • GetReal

      lmao at young scooter lying ass

    • Yamzz

      Times have changed…middle class is the new relatable lifestyle

    • Capuccino

      lls lets all listen to an opinion on lyrical rap from someone named ‘splashysplash’ . I’m fuckin weak

  • dmc


  • b r z a

    dope cover and much respect to Cole

  • K.I.

    Man, no single either. That means he’s going in fully focused on the body of work. That also means that I’m about to be banging Cole & K.R.I.T. all winter w/ this fire they’re coming w/.

  • CTE

    Now this an album I’ll support…that hood billionaire is wack sauce…see you in 3 weeks with that purchase!

  • wait what is this nigga pulling a beyonce on us

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    This seems like a personal album and from his recent verses I think he found his hunger again.

  • Adam Arsenal

    Looking forward to this. Little worried that this won’t get to heard by many people given no promo or single’s etc. but given Born Sinner was a success, people will be aware of this.

    • Yamzz

      Got to respect though. He doing it for HIS fans not to necessarily chase the commercial fan base

      • Capuccino

        facts and i think thats the message he’s trying to send. like he’s worked and grinded to be where he’s at and thankful for everything that he’s achieved, but he doesn’t wanna let it take priority over his family and friends, so this album is more of him just takin a step back and worry bout what is really important while doin what he loves and givin the loyal fans some dope music. got to respect

    • Vins

      He didn’t say no promo, just no singles. It’s about the body of work I guess.

  • Da Business

    Bout fucking time, DAMN!!!

  • tipp0183

    This is dope.

  • War Machine

    God damn Jermaine trim that fucking Uni-Brow lmaoooo

  • War Machine

    I think it’s dope as shit that he’s not dropping any singles. Reminds me of the old days when you would go cop the Album and hear everything for the first time. Nowadays they drop all the songs before the album drops.

    • Noe/Edub

      This is what really hurt Pusha T’s album last year. If we all didn’t hear nearly every song prior to the release, it would’ve made a much bigger impact.

      • Capuccino

        facts that record was dope, beats were raw tho but i guess thats his style

        • Michael Myers

          i still play Pusha’s album…shyt was so dope

  • M.A.T.

    You can say what you want about the man and his music, but this move is ballsy as fuck.

  • NC
  • bronxbillyunz


    • GetReal

      blue magic was the first single off that album and also the worst song on there, i love that album by the way

      • ben stewart


      • bronxbillyunz


  • Greenbergs

    i swear to god bruh this guy is the most boring rapper to ever exist..

  • Capuccino

    keep doin ur thing cole, every record u put out is a classic

  • yorapper

    Why do they keep showing his basic bitch shoes?

    • Capuccino

      is that y u cop all of officer ricky’s shit?

    • yeah

      Because the man doesn’t need balenciagas to feel validated, simp

  • JMcL

    Releasing an album without singles is how it should be done

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos


  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    cole, kendrick, kanye, drake, wayne and jay elec are all droppin albums soon…

    • Capuccino

      we need a record from krit soon…

  • Everybody

    This could mean 2 things: Either the music isn’t that good and he isn’t sure of himself and the album or the complete opposite.

  • Kinggirl

    I love Cole he is so genuine

  • LilT 20

    Cole getting back to his roots. He’s always correcting himself, like the let nas down/workout thing, he’s learning. I’m from North Carolina so I notice when Cole mentions the ville or NC, I’m probably wrong but I don’t recall one certain time he represented home on Born Sinner. But then again, there’s about 3 songs I never really liked to listen to. But THEN AGAIN, one of them IS called ‘new york times’. This is the direction i’ve been hoping he’d take.

    • Capuccino

      Villuminati… its literally the first track on the album…

      • yeah

        Lol that guy really thought he was onto something


    Bd trey aka blowing dicks trey loves to drive cocks all in his ass

  • Music

    worried about Cole having no features. And really worried about the fact that it looks like he is the sole producer again.

    I understand the no features thing, but I wish cole would get other producers to help him carve the sound so all he has to do is focus on rapping.

    His last two albums were boring because of this. I hope Cole pulls through though. It has been a pretty lack luster year as far as hip hop releases are concerned.

    • k.smith

      Dear Lord,

      Please make sure Cole reads this comment. Amen.

    • tbh

      I agree i would love to hear what Cole sounds like oversome Timbo Jus Blaze or Pharell joints. His beats are great but collaborations can bring magic. Then again i also understand the freedom of complete control. Still hes missing out by not reaching out to other producers.

      • Da Business

        Agreed, that’s my only beef w/ Cole. There’s no denying his skills on the mic, dude is a beast. His beats although good, lacks that sonic boom factor. I get it, it’s better to keep every thing in house and cash in but, damn my G. Use ur connects… I’m not saying that he needs to abandon his sound but, he needs to switch it up. I look forward to the new joint tho.

  • whoa

    is it just me or is j. cole starting to look like the weeknd?

    • Chronic

      It’s just you

    • yeah

      No it’s not, I been said that.

  • Can’t fucking wait.

  • Cole Winter

  • Guest

    Lowkey I was hoping for some epic feature from either Drake or Kdot…But I’m still cool

  • Chronic

    I like his take on not releasing a single, a big topic on his last album was how you have to have that single before you release your album (at least I think I remember a couple lines that had to do with it). In a age of hip-hop where guys are putting out music hoping for that hit that’s gonna kill with individual song sales on iTunes, it’s nice to see guys like Kendrick and Cole actually try to make a great album, and not just worry about how successful the one or 2 singles are gonna do

    • marty mcfly

      It never a bad thing to have a hit single. Sometimes when artists don’t drop one its because they don’t have one. Not because they just focusing on the album. Kendrick just dropped that singles that sounds like something Black Eyed Peas would do.

      • Chronic

        First off, I’d disagree with the hit single comment. If it’s a hit single that’s still remains true to an artists vision, then sure. But it kills me when guys go out of here way to make a radio single. The line i was referring to was how Cole said something like he couldn’t drop his album till he had the single, which was him saying how he hated trying to force a single out that he wasnt really feeling just cause of the label.

        And kendrick made a song about loving and respecting yourself and used some heavy soul samples…if you don’t get the direction hes goin for and you mistake it for him selling out, that’s on you.

        • marty mcfly

          That still doesn’t suggest a hit single is a bad thing. The reason Cole was complaining about a single is because he couldn’t make a good one.

          • Chronic

            Or it was because he had to sacrifice what he thought was his artistic integrity to make something that would get radio play

          • marty mcfly

            He didnt HAVE to do nothing. Integrity is under the control of self. The only way to sacrifice artistic integrity is if and artist chooses to do that. Cole just couldn’t make a dope single without sacrificing artistic integrity because his artistic integrity wasn’t that stable to begin with.

        • marty mcfly

          I dont care what direction Kendrick was going in. The song itself wasn’t that dope. Yeah people love themselves so they’ll sing along just because of that but the beat and rhymes wasn’t that dope.

          • Chronic

            Rhymes I’ll give you weren’t up to par with what I expect from him. But I personally love the sample…I also really like soul and funk music though, so that might be why

          • marty mcfly

            People have been making it about the sample more then about the song itself. That was the first recovery argument made towards people who didn’t like the song. Like oh well its a soul sample? So what, that don’t mean its dope. The song aint horrible but its not dope either.

  • Tbh

    So hyped for this, rta list looks promising but can’t tell till we hear it

  • I really hope this album does well. I’ve bought all his projects including goin on mixunit.com and copping physical copies of the mixtapes so needless to say I’m a true fan however I’ve become increasingly bored with his output. I admire the effort and thought put into his craft but artistically it lacks energy. Even the hits seem contrived like he figured the formula and is running wit it.

  • The Rock says

    Y’all hear the snippets?

  • Michael Myers

    cant wait to get this shit!

  • Heard some snippets http://dopefile.com/rjew9fdacwaw and it’s basically wat I said it would be. I’m still coppin the album and enjoying the experience of it all however I hope Cole reads this and liven it up a little. Judgin from the past couple of projects Outkast is a fav so take a page from their book and balance the project wit some floor shaking jams that allow u to experiment wit style pace and ideas of weaving messages into the music without the listener even knowing it until they actually learn the words AFTER dancing to it.

  • realish

    man u guys dickride the hell out of every artist the media pushes on to u. j.cole is dead wak and corny. and so is k lamar n big krit good rappers wak style. how can j.cole motivate u to get money.or dance with a female??all he talkd about is college boring life nobody gives a fuk about. what happened to rappers like dmx mase nas ross 50 cent outkast . etc everybody had some type of style. k.lamar big sean drake j.cole all rap and look the same recycle same flows.

    • Donn

      There’s more to life than getting money and dancing with females bro. Smh. U don’t seem to be a Cole fan which is okay. But for those of us who are, we know this album will be real and from the heart. As all his music is. U really gotta dig deep and listen to the knowledge this kid is spitting

      • realish

        dmx or.50 cent n them dont rap about real shit?? dont get me wrong j.cole is nice but his style n story is wak and hes boring music isnt motivational. what does j.cole music motivate u to do?? sit and ponder? lol. what struggle did he have coming up??? college apps? how interesting

        • GetReal

          the warm up got me through some tough times so stop thinking your retarded ass opinions are factual

        • Donn

          U crazy bro. U know what it’s like to pay for school with no help. His mom did dope boy. His brother in prison, niggas dying where he from, homie was shacked up in a small room in queens and standing on the block trynna slang his music and eating sandwiches everyday. Everybody struggles boy. And no one is above it. U gotta mature bro. And naw 50 and X are cool but they had options. They were in the streets cus they wanted to be not cus they had to. U have choices and it’s refreshing to hear a college grad rap and be successful. It’s a change from all that gangster shit. We don’t all sell drugs and shoot guns. Most of the ppl in the world don’t so how can we relate

    • William

      You sir, just said the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. The artist that make the music you like are ignorant, superficial and have you clue on what to do with life. Stupid lowlifes like yourself go the the club every weekend and rap along with the words: “we gon’ take over the world”, while you can’t even point at Brazil on a map. These rappers you talk about rap about a quick fix, give into temptation and that’s what life is. You’re going to be looking like a fucking stupid moron when you’re face with real problems, the problems J. Cole raps about. You said college life is boring. I hope you trip during an acupuncture session with infected needles. Somebody needs to Law Abiding Citizen you. #FUCKMACDIESEL

    • GetReal

      i usually would agree (cuz cole is kind of boring) but i feel like I’m agreeing with a fucking retarded degenerate, if you like ignorant shit stick to that and get the fuck off the post, and kdot is the closest thing to outkast we have out today so i don’t know wtf point you was tryna make you look dumb

    • Michael Ib bett

      You need music to influence you to dance with a girl or have a fucking income? Haaaaa

  • IKEEPIT100

    This mother fuckers so boring..get the fuck outta here with that dry rap shit..this guy hasnt grown at all since he started same boring shit

  • young king

    Damn, I still listen to that Born Sinner on a regular basis. Cole always drops something hot, can’t wait for this album…

  • Guillaume Pilon

    new feats ???


    big up to cole

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    Hope this works out for you cole.. Cause if it don’t your career is in the wind at least album wise … #opinion

  • just a man of the people not above but equal – cole

  • LookingAssNigga

    Go listen to the snippets for this album on youtube, its gonna be a great one I’ll tell ya.

  • Noah

    Dude is the truth….make sure yall cop it and support real music.


  • Daniel Musicman

    Man i’m so amped for the release! I already preordered but I can’t wait for 12/9!

  • War Machine

    Cole bout to drop a fucking CLASSIC. the snippets sound epic. the game needs this album right now in a world full of bullshit like Chief Queef and soulja bitch

  • YahMamma

    Impossible to get excited for. J Cole is like having a peanut butter sandwich. It’ll do if you’re hungry – but you wouldn’t choose it if you had a choice.

    Now that’s expect you emo guys who are likely gay and won’t admit it – and hipsters – or white guy who ‘knows HipHop’ – but those are all really the same thing.

    I know you get excited for J Cole and likely go but some extra smedium tee’s to celebrate or something.

  • bcl187

    I’m sorry but is it me or does j cole look cracked out!!

  • DJ NoSo


  • Fayettenam. Dreamville. Cole back at it again…This album gone be too cold! I pre-ordered it last week.