Jeezy Brings Out YG In L.A.

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My Niggas.

Jeezy’s Seen It All tour spilled over to the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles last night. When it was time for “My Nigga”, the man himself YG joined Snowman for his home crowd. Do ya dance.


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  • Non Fiction Dixon

    My Krazy Life and Seen It All were the two best albums this year (Cadillactica came in 3rd) 5 -7 years ago i never would have said that CTE would drop two classic albums in one year but they did that in 2014

    • MegaMan

      Classic albums? Right now, there’s a couple of bitch niggas that are calling every album that came out recently a classic.

      I believe a classic hip hop album is an album that:
      – changed the game during a time period;
      – made other MCs step their shit up;
      – you can listen to without having to skip a track;
      – and stands the test of time.

      The albums you mentioned are average at best.

      Better albums:
      EL-P and Killer Mike – Run the Jewels 2
      Black Milk – If There’s a Hell Below
      Diamond District – March on Washington
      Apollo Brown and Ras Kass – Blasphemy
      Cormega – Mega Philosophy
      Damani Nkosi – Thoughtful King
      Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – Piñata
      Pharoahe Monch – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
      Skyzoo and Torae – Barrel Brothers

      • Steven Brown

        I­’v­­­e st­­­arte­­­­d av­­­era­­gi­­­ng 85 d­­­olla­­­rs/h­­­­our s­­­in­­ce i st­­­art­­­ed t­­­o fr­­­eel­­an­ce on­­lin­­e 6 mo­­­nt­­hs a­­g­o… Al­­l i ha­­­v­e t­o d­­o i­­s t­­o s­­i­t a­t h­­­om­e sev­­­­era­l ho­­­u­rs da­­il­y an­­­d d­­­­o so­­­­me b­a­sic jo­­­bs i g­­­e­t fr­­­om th­­­is c­­­om­­­pa­­ny t­­­ha­­t i st­um­bl­ed u­­po­­n o­­ve­­r t­­h­­e i­­nte­­rn­et… I a­­­m v­­er­y e­­xc­­it­ed t­­­o s­­­ha­­­re t­­­­h­is j­­­o­b w­­­it­­­h y­­­o­u… i­­­t­’s a­­­n am­­­az­­ing j­­ob
        -> CH­E­­CK HE­R­E WH­A­T I D­­O… <-

      • Non Fiction Dixon

        All those artist and albums you named are washed up and garbage and real hip hop heads will tell you that YGs album was better than every album you named. But you had Young Thug as your avi at one point so who takes your opinion seriously pussy!

        • MegaMan

          Real hip hop heads don’t listen to YG, bitch. His lyrics are mediocre at best, DJ Mustard sucks, and the features are gay as hell. Step your hip hop game up, fuck boy!

    • iknow

      Seen it All is a Classic in my opinion and Definitely a GREAT addition to Jeezy’s collection…

  • Austin Wilson

    That’s dope he should definitely do something with TK N Cash. Their track “Mind Right” is too dope!