• Dat Dude

    wtf 5:40 . major pause

  • Caposet

    Travis is a crazy dude. In the same vain as the Upper Echelon video. He’s talented just needs the right folks in his corner. The guy is talented and gave flames to Wale & Pusha. He needs to continue with guys like them, Kanye, & T.I. and not fuck with Quan & Thugger.

    • @djicecold

      you drunk? Listen to Days Before Rodeo and say that again.

  • BK James

    “Bright lights, big titties” …but all these women are flat-chested…

    • TopNotchN3gro

      Think it was a typo. “Bright Lights, Bitty Titties” was what they meant to put.

      • Nah

        No they’re just morons, don’t excuse their ineptitude

    • Nekki Monroe

      U can suck my itty bittys

    • Nekki Monroe

      Who cares

  • Batman

    Both songs are hard and this video is harder,,La Flame is Hot

    “bad mamacita, Miami heater; had her in the two-seater, too bad I couldn’t 3-peat her.”

    • @djicecold

      FILTHY LINE. #KanyeOfTheSouth

  • jeeza

    men this song is DOOOOPE !!! the video is way better !!! T.I. really do a good move with signing travis !!! Bank roll mafia ! grand hustle ! hustle gang over errthang !!!!

    • Nekki Monroe


  • Nekki Monroe

    Fuck y’all I was in this music video u can suck my itty bitty titties u hating ass losers

    • Cmon Son

      Chill I absolutely would shorty lol

      • Nekki Monroe


  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Most exciting artist of the year!

  • yorapper

    Video could have been better. Rappin in a closed down plaza parking lot is something D level rappers do. I imagined a much darker video.

  • bcl187

    It’s a good song but I can’t take these skinny Jean homos seriously….seriously all three of them I can fight all of them at the same time! Rap is too soft with these gay ass rappers…just by watchin this video I was like ” hahaha these twigs think they gangster”

    • Young Dumb nigga

      Don’t nobody FIGHT no more! You gone get ya ass SHOT!

      • Nekki Monroe


  • el jim chapo guzman

    Travis scott rarely disappoint his people’s.

  • Nekki Monroe

    Overall the video was great 😉 even wit my itty bitties but now days men love ass over titties

  • Nekki Monroe

    Travis Scott is very talented if u ain’t giving ah hater nothing to talk about u ain’t doing shit

  • DJ NoSo


    • keys mack

      Skyfall is up next

  • Trillionare

    Travis Scott is wierd ass nigga but he make some cranking ass shit!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    RHQ and Young Thug fucked up this song, and not in no good way.

  • Thinker Haist

    Travis Scott is the best artist of the new age… Artist as a whole… Direct videos, produce music, write music? Who else does that in a generation of Soundcloud?

  • iLLbeYo5to9

    Young Thug > Travi$ haha couldn’t even type that without laughin out loud