New Music: YG “2015 Flow”

yg flow

Got YG?

After getting snubbed by this years Grammy nominations, YG and DJ Mustard keep it moving into 2015 with their new track. Blame It On The Streets arrives December 15.


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  • these so called award shows are centered around pop music

    • M.E.C.C.A,

      Popular music….cus if you saying pop as in non urban your wrong!

      • i get pop covers a broad range of genres of music but it doesnt cover rap not real rap music any way iggy macklemore pitbull flo rida etc music that has more of a pop feel get those awards

  • DesiJatt

    dope beat

  • Dat Dude

    smh even if he got nominated he wasn’t gunna win.

    • M.E.C.C.A,

      Right….and I for one don’t think he should get nominated his music is not that popular to the masses

      • Dat Dude

        agreed. his album was ok nothin special

      • cmon son

        “His music is not that popular to the masses”

        You just consigned iggy and macklemore winning grammys because their music is more popular….. it should have nothing to do with popularity if the album is great it should be on the list.

        • M.E.C.C.A,

          I never heard any iggy or Macklemore songs unless I so happen to been listening to the radio which is a supreme rare moment but yeah I am saying that if an artist has the masses on a national level then they should win white black purple last year Kendrick had te masses but the powers that be WASNT clear on his message to the masses like it or not these white peolple who are in charge of this music industry AINT goons allow he foolery to beat out something they can truly stand behind and partner up with

          It’s business but it’s politics!

        • John Esco

          If no one knows its great how can it be nominated?? It’s not popular Enuff.. Dident sell Enuff records.. That’s what Grammys been about for 10 years .. If u sell crazy records.. Chances are ur gonna win .. Regardless of race or color

        • @RAMBOHUSTLE

          Ummm..its the Grammys!!! Its base don popularity and success. What earth do you guys live on that makes you feel records that are less popular should win more awards?? lol YG isnt grammy nominated because his music doesn’t make universal appeal. PERIOD.

      • cmonhomiewemajor

        bruh..My Nigga and Who Do Ya Love went platinum

        • M.E.C.C.A,

          Oh yeah let’s give a Grammy for a song called my nigga in 2014 just cause it went platinum..

          Black people don’t want much but recognition when we should be out for se got damn respect but wee rely respect ourselves at times…

          I hope anybody on here daily is pursuing something other then a “dream” I dream but I also do I got a college degree in education and actively worl to support the youth In My community I also make great positive music that touches on some real shit but hey brother like me get over looked everyday cus I ain’t “wit the shits” fuck yg and those desperately trying to support him…yall need to be backing these brother ou here truly making a difference in the world!

          • cmonhomiewemajor

            YG is making a difference..youre just ignorant to it

            he has songs saying he regrets gangbangin…and he has a charity every year where he takes 100 poor kids to the mall and lets them buy w/e gifts they want and they have a fun day together..and he holds block parties for compton and shit

            when he achieves more and makes more money, he’ll do more positivity with his money..hes doing all he can right now

            YOURE THE ONE looking at him with 1 dimension

          • Eli Pinilla

            Your grammar is horrible homeboy. U must of got that degree at Everest…….good message though.

      • polopolo1

        so the grammys isnt about the best music? because if it is a popularity contest then yea iggy deserves the win by those standards, she found a pocket she worked a few trends smh grammys is a fuckin joke

  • M.E.C.C.A,

    Stop making coon music and maybe just maybe the masses will put you on that pedstal until then enjoy your money you get from doing shows and continuing to sale our younger generation a hopeless dream

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      he doesn’t make coon music..go listen to really be, 1am and sorry mama

  • yorapper

    He actually killed it.

  • Albert

    Let’s be honest, YG is trash. I haven’t heard anything from him that would make me even put him in the discussion for a Grammy nomination.

    • That’s true but the same goes for the rest of the albums nominated. Oxymoron and Nobody Smiling were both decent but neither is album of the year material. I’d have gone with Ab-Soul.

      • John Esco

        That studio song by school boy q was bigger than all of Kendrick Lamar singles off good kid .. Gets played genuinely not cause jay-z or buying radio campaigns .. That studio record is a hit I don’t even like him but it’s a big record .. That’s y he was nonominTed his “studio ” song killed the charts

        • TheTruthHurts

          Were you around in 2012? You’re crazy if you think Studio was bigger than Poetic Justice or Swimming Pools, both of which I can skip over now when listening to that album thanks to the radio. If anything Collard Greens is Q’s biggest hit or Hands on the Wheel, not Studio.

          • yola

            you’re so wrong it isn’t even funny

          • TheTruthHurts

            Hahaha yeah that’s why people up voted me and you’re the only one that thinks otherwise. Maybe in your town Studio is the jam but overall that’s no where near as big as Kendricks singles off Good Kid. But keep trying to doubt and argue it so you can look dumb.

          • John Esco

            Poetic justice (drake) kill vibe jay-z like I don’t like school boy .. But he stood alone no super big feature.. And he still healf his own.. Kendric had a bunch of top industry co signs.. Schoolboy just did it him self wit no name people and went to top

          • TheTruthHurts

            Schoolboy Q got help when Kendrick got signed to Dr. Dre and put Black Hippy on blast like he should have, not to say Q didn’t put in work but he wouldn’t exactly be where he is now without Kendrick doing what he did I don’t think. Bitch don’t Kill my Vibe was so big that Jay got on it, but you’re not wrong that the drake bit helped. The statement was simply Studio is a bigger single than any singles on Good Kid which is false, that’s all i’m stating.

          • Nahuwrongasfuck

            Kendrick’s “signs” are overstated here. In fact he went out of his way to make sure dr dre wasn’t too involved in his projects for that reason. “Ima take his hand and break it”-Kendrick rapping about if dre tried to give him handouts.
            He had 3 mixtape/albums that established him and he was popping before dre co signed him.

            If anything, Kendrick’s schoolboy cosign did more for schoolboys career than any cosign did for Kendrick. By far. No one would be bumping SBQ without Kendrick putting him on.

      • cmonhomiewemajor

        gtfo ab soul might have had the worst album of the year

        atleast Oxy and YGs album had HITS on it, and Comms album had some real conscious shit

        Ab-soul came out with the booboo

        • TheTruthHurts

          Word, Soul has some great verses but as far as putting full body’s of work together he might be the weakest in my opinion. But Oxymoron isn’t nearly as good as Habits & Contradictions.

          • cmonhomiewemajor

            i noticed the only people who prerfer Habits are smokers and hipsters

          • TheTruthHurts

            Hahaha what the fuck are you even trying imply? I smoke weed but that has nothing to do with my taste in music. Oxymoron is dope but there are more songs i’d skip on Oxy than Habits. Oxy is a bit more industry friendly, if thats for you then thats fine. Gtfoh with that Habits is for smokers and hipsters bullshit.

        • The only one I’m still bumping is These Days… Oxymoron might have had some hits but also some embarrassing tracks, overall a messy album. YG is probably the most deserving because he had hits and a cohesive album, but it was a bit one note…and Common, while having some real high moments, also said a bunch of corny shit that deflated his message to me. Ab Soul might have had a couple weaker songs on his album, but in terms of overall songwriting and conception I thought it personally stood out the most.

          • cmonhomiewemajor

            which embarassing tracks?

            the point of Oxymoron was to be contradictory all over…and he pulled that off..i can give a longer explanation if you want

            and These Days was wack , bruh…his wordplay was cool..but Soul can’t write songs or pick beats at all

          • I really liked Closure and Ride Slow on These Days, plus there a bunch of other decent ones. As for Schoolboy Q, i didnt realize the track i disliked the most was actually a bonus track, Grooveline pt 2, but it wasnt part of the main album so that makes sense…also what they want and the purge i thought were really whack, but there were some good joints for sure

          • No

            Serious? Long term 2 destroys this claim

          • cmonhomiewemajor

            yeah a mixtape from 4 years ago … good for him

        • Rightnahnahnah

          Why is being conscious more worthy of a Grammy than any other subject? Hate that. It’s music not the Nobel peace prize.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      you’re tripping YG album is fire

      • John Esco

        U don’t even support new fire artist like EZ $KYWALKER.. How much yg payed u or is he extorting u with his blood hommies ..

        • WU TANG


        • Nahuwrongasfuck

          Shut up dude seriously

        • cmonhomiewemajor

          theres levels to shit shi

      • Swaya m

        Nigga B dot u ride trends like u love that Dick
        U dont hustle like 2dopeboyz

      • Nonso

        word!!!…this niggas are just tripping




      • John Esco

        Exactly what the fuck is sound cloud

  • Wow

    Yo this nigga is trash lol

  • he killed it can’t front.

  • BEE

    But YG is surely above Wiz Khalifa on that list.

    • John Esco

      We them boys was a hit universal.. My nigga my nigga is ignarant racist bull shit .. Yg is a hood / urban club rapper


      Dem Boyz was surprisingly successful but besides that Wiz had nothing else on that album. NOTHING. YG had some successful records but lets be honest…you ain’t getting a grammy for a record called “My nigga”. You just ain’t. Not happening.

  • M.E.C.C.A,

    Cus it was late night and I was thirsty ain’t gonna never win the masses over ever don’t care how many times you can get the beat to sound the same!

  • Uncle Tom

    Childish should have one best album that white bitch is a pop artists same with that queer Macklemore. YG is trash, I listened to that niggas album and it was garbage, dumb niggas rebuttals “the album was a story tho” smh so just because nigga copied what kendrick did doesn’t mean it’s a good album

    • Michael Ib bett

      The hiest came out before good kid mad city

      • Uncle Tom

        The fuck is your dumb ass talking about, what does that have to do with anything? Your like this autistic kid I used to fuck with in high school. He would just go around saying random facts that would annoy everyone. You autistic?

        • Michael Ib bett

          Lmfao. Are you really that dumb? You said he copied what kendrick did, when his album came out before kendricks story album

          • The Incredible Creation

            he was talking about YG’s album tho lol

          • Michael Ib bett

            Haha oh shit. I just saw he he said macklemore and forgot this was the a yg post when i answered him. Hes completely right then lmao. Well it’s a decent album tho

          • Uncle Tom

            Read it slowly you fucking illiterate, wasn’t talking about that queers mackelmores album

          • Michael Ib bett

            Calling someone a “fucking illiterate” is ironic. You can be an illiterate person, but not just an illiterate. It’s an adjective, not a noun.

  • Los

    Yg is trash honestly

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Fuck what you heard no album topped my krazy life this year!

  • Groovy

    Basic album that doesn’t deserve a nom but still it was better than Iggy’s trash & Wiz’s album….hell the Grammy’s never gave a nom to Game’s Documentary how can we expect to give this one a nom?

  • YG album was developed, knotty and, ultimately, deeply moral narrative,” comparing it to Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, m.A.A.d City came from Spin I agree and yes he got Snub




    • cmonhomiewemajor

      somebody seems jealous as fuck

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL



        • cmonhomiewemajor

          yup..clear jealousy

          • THE REAL mac DIESEL


            DON’T HATE ON MY OPINION!!!!

          • cmonhomiewemajor

            wow youre jealous as fuck

  • MegaMan

    Where is Freddie Gibbs? This nigga YG is a bitch.

  • no hate

  • eh….

  • Mike Green

    bet award yes the grammys nah ma nigga thats not gone happen. yg is strictly for niggas with speakers in they car & bitches who like to get thotty not a diss it’s just not grammy award material.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Yg used to be my nigga, I don’t know what happened to him, he fell off after he dropped his debut album.

    • chrisdopee

      fuck u sayin? his album dropped this year u coon

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Shut up you bitch.

  • jussayin

    This song is trash…was waiting for the bass to drop the entire time…I like that “I got a Tommy that Hilfil” line…but other than that….basuraa….but on the low my krazy life was probably one of the best albums of the year…from the 1st to the last track I bumped it in the whip without skipping

  • Eric Davis

    112,029 copies sold to this date, give or take a few thousand. He’s complaining..50 Cent 872,00 and he has a right to complain. first week album sales. Rappers today feel entitled. just like Rick Ross feeling he needs to be top 5 in the Forbes list when he only moving chicken wings.

  • ₭i₦₲ ₵$₡

    The only albums I can think of that got snubbed this year were Pusha T’s “My Name is My Name” and Future’s “Honest”, but these really aren’t albums that are expected to get nominated for a Grammy because of the content.

    Other than that, I think the Grammys hit the nail on the head. Eminem and ScHoolboy Q’s album is there.

  • yeah

    Mane, okay honestly, yg album does body iggy and wiz’s albums, gambino’s joint was too niche marketed to his fans for it to really win any award, em had the bars but half of those beats i couldnt fuck with, commons in my top 10, but this album wasn’t a one two punch i think he coulda came with, so honestly i think either schoolboy or em deserve it with the nominee’s came up with. But when iggy wins it, kiss a grammy’s relevancy in hip hop goodbye, rappers will stop showing up.

  • Swaya m

    Dats the list for best rap album? GTFOH!!!!!!!!!

  • Eli Pinilla