New Music: Kid Ink “Copy That”


Fast & Furious.

Following the success of My Own Lane, Kid Ink is ready to shake the game up again with his forthcoming set, Full Speed.  Arriving on February 3, he tells FADER:

“I been on the road crazy the last few months touring and haven’t been able to get much new music out lately…which is not the norm for me. So we decided to put together a freestyle to go along with the release of my new album cover as sort of a thank you to my fans for staying so loyal and supportive

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  • the lyrics are straight garbage but the beat is fire

  • TruthBeTold

    The label is riding him, they know he’s a fad

  • Von

    Not the biggest Kid Ink fan but this shit is MEEAAANNNN *Funk Flex voice*

  • Tom

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  • MegaMan

    Kid Ink is the only nigga running around looking like somebody had made a human being outta some chicken bones and Chris Brown’s head.