New Video: Joell Ortiz “Crack Spot”

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Clap Back.

From Slaughterhouse to the crack house, Joell Ortiz takes matters into his own hands when a rival dealer tries to takeover his turf. Download Joell’s House Slippers on iTunes here.

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  • Tec1

    Dope video

  • the video is dope but does anybody understand what incrimi means your making a music video about how to make crack


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      • SMD JUST SMD

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    • 476231

      You clearly didn’t get the meaning behind the video.

      If I have to explain it, then I’ve proven my case.


        He’s a bama U gotta excuse her

      • yeah i get the message that the hip hop cops in nyc are keeping tabs on these niggas and these kind of music videos and lyrics get niggas locked up so take your lil red dot some place else

        • 476231

          No. Lmao

          • i get your from this generation were you post everything and think that no ones paying attention and thats why when ya ll get arrested ya ll are both the defendant and the witness

          • 476231

            You’re a moron.

          • you know im right thats what got you mad

          • 476231

            …says the nigga who cant comprehend.

          • the one with that problem is you

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This shit aight

  • MJeezy

    Joell is too dope.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • iknow

    this go HARD!!