PRhyme On ‘Juan Epstein’

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PRhyme Time.

Preemo and Royce made their first appearance as PRhyme on Juan Epstein. Along with Adrian Younge, they discussed their self titled debut, legacy, and everything else in between. Peep the stream and summary below.

PRHYME is one of the best albums of the year so to celebrate we had Royce, Primo, and Adrian come by to talk about it, their history together, and Primo’s history in general. As we discuss on the show, this will be the first of several DJ Premier episodes, but still it was a nice start nonetheless. The show begins with just Ciph and I talking shit but the guys show up at around the 30 minute mark. Some highlights include awesome Group Home stories, issues between Puff and Jeru, and much more. Happy holidays from Juan Ep!!!

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  • Good interview, Royce is definitely the best out of Slaughterhouse in my opinion, and Premo is a legend of course. What can go wrong?

  • Yamzz

    The first 10 mins is funny I can’t lie.

  • Van Sertima

    prhyme is fucking dope. i’m listening to that shit right now. i’m so glad hip hop is back in the hands of the people. there’s not going to be as much money involved but the music being made is fucking incredible.

    i want all you simple snake savage motherfucks to keep your slimy scaley hands off this real hip hop shit, you ruin every fucking thing you touch you leech ass motherfuckers.

    ” i represent the must haves and what nots, niggas that used to cut class, to touch cash and buck shots” – nickel

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