PRhyme On ‘The Combat Jack Show’


PRhyme Time.

Preemo and Royce made their PRhyme debut on The Combat Jack Show. Along with producer Adrian Younge, for nearly two hours, they discuss the project, trolls, and a whole lot more. Dig in.

We got DJ Premier, Royce da 5’9″ and Adrian Younge to sit in with us on this special in studio listening session of their album ‘PRhyme’, which is very dope. Hear what that have to say about this project.

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  • You’re Going To Jail Now #POW

    Euro Americans only like Preemo cause Royce respects Preemo and Euro Americans ONLY like Royce because their Rap God does so this’ll be the ONLY reason their here. It’s NOT about hip hop with Vampires aka Euro Americans because the music industry has taught us for decades once they accept YOU, you’ve crossed over and now you’re POPular. F U bloodsuckers, may the sun fry you all!

    • TheTruthHurts

      I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. But PRhyme is a dope album, Royce is a great MC, not because of his Eminem co-sign. If you knew anything about Hip-Hop you’d know that Em and Royce were split for a long time and Royce still was dope. Street Hop 2010 is a great album. Premo can be hit or miss nowadays with some of the beats but there’s no questioning he’s a legend and someone to show respect to on the turn tables. Get the fuck out of here clown.

      • You’re Going To Jail Now #POW

        Yea my truth did hurt your soul.

        • TheTruthHurts

          Good one, I remember when I was in middle school like you son. Get your come back game up and you’re rap knowledge so you don’t make yourself look so damn stupid.

    • euro american

      gang starr is better than anything eminem or royce ever did.

      • You’re Going To Jail Now #POW

        I concur

        • euro american

          but im a white euro american culture vulture bro, why are you concurring wit me

          • You’re Going To Jail Now #POW

            because this might have been the first truth I’ve heard from a Euro American in weeks. I’m just shocked even you were being sarcastic or joking, I felt the need to concur


      stfu what you tryna kick knowledge…u pussys scared of the boogie man…grow some nuts bama

      • You’re Going To Jail Now #POW

        No honestly you might want to stfu, seeing that your name is “THE BAMA KILLA” but you’re typing/talking using “BAMA” slang i.e. “tryna” shouldn’t it be trying to? Only an “IGNANT”<—lol excuse me ignorant bama using incomplete sentences. Why are you pu$$ies scared of a book. A teacher is your boogie man. You should really learn to use your brain more than showing the world how small your acorns are. You must be a product of single motherhood because ever since little boys like yourself have been confused.

  • AthrazhuR

    That Jay Electronica verse is the wackest thing I have ever heard in my life….sike! That thing is “john blaze!”, good God! If an album full of verses like that comes in 10 years it will be worth the wait. Adrian Younge and his insight into the discipline he applied to learn all of the instruments is great. Discipline! Royce is great at what he does, but I’ve never been a fan. He has a message that misses me, glad he is sober and sounds like he’s on his din (deen), all blessings to him. Always enjoy what Combat is doing with his platform. I cringe some times when it seems like they are sonning Pete, hope he doesn’t go postal one day.

  • Ian

    my .. Go Here,­­,­,­­Rea­d h­­e­re


  • cabo

    Juan Ep …