Timbaland Returns To The Breakfast Club

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With the Fox series, EMPIRE premiering tonight, Timbo returned to Power 105 for an in depth interview regarding the musical drama series and premiered a song from the show, which was recently synchronized with a light show on the Empire State Building. He also spoke on Missy, Jay Z, the Aaliyah Lifetime movie and more.



It’s been a minute, but Timbaland was back on The Breakfast Club this morning. He discussed the unauthorized Aaliyah biopic, posthumous releases, and new artist, Tink.



Seems like Timbo is making a comeback these last few weeks, and he stopped by Power 105 to chop it up with The Breakfast Club. He gave a candid interview and spoke on Missy Eliott’s upcoming album, working with Jay-Z and  Nas, his thoughts on Drake doin’ an Aaliyah collabo and much more.

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  • mac DIESEL

    “How people get mad off opinions??!!”

    …….THANK YOU TIMBO!!!! HA!!!!!





  • R E A L L Y ? ? ?

    @you can’t kill me that’s because the breakfast club does amazing interviews. I love their reallness and this was a great interview

  • LizzyBiz

    Love Timbo!!





  • harlemfinest

    fuck this nigga..wasnt he the same dude who was denouncing the fact he wasnt doing hip-hop before..i cant respect him

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      nah, if i was in timbos position, i would denounce it too

      all these young producers give their beats away for like 500-3000 dollars, and its ruining the industry because they just don’t have the skill to make classics/hits like super producers…if the super-producers can’t sell their $10-50000 beats, the music gets diluted…theres a reason the neptunes, kanye, timbo, swizz, qtip, just blaze etc. all charge so much – they have a proven track record of hits and classics

  • Black Shady

    Timbo the best producer?? HA!

    his last hot beat was on Game’s debut in 2005 hahaha

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    timbo looks like j coles poppa

  • Trex

    That interview was amazing!


    COLD DEΛTH says:
    Tuesday, April 10 2012 at 12:15 PM EST






  • ltype

    fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat

  • indeed… this was a hot interview! even tho he did say he wasn’t doin hiphop no more… now he goin back to his roots!

    don’t bite the hand & he kinda did that…. but we human so he’s entitled to his mistake

  • GK

    Timbaland is a jealous bitch. He just mad bc he wants in on Aaliyah. You didn’t make her homie. She was multi platinum before she got with your fat ass. Why do Drake gotta do the record with you and Missy? and making money off the dead? didn’t Timbaland make money off of Aaliyah when she died? All them records shot up the chart. did he donate that shit to charity? Get the fuck outta here

  • Al

    record companies make money off of artist who passed away all the time. Bob Marley, Elvis, Whitney, 2Pac, Biggie, Michael Jackson, Sinatra, Johnny Cash, John Lenon, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, ODB etc etc etc etc. WTF is this dude talking about!! And I’m sure Aaliyah’s family gets her share of the profit so why not put out her music and remind everyone how dope she was. A whole new generation need to hear about Aaliyah. Timbaland is a dumbass idiot.

    • a

      so what about the two albums that Justin Timberlake had last year, and Jay-Z with magna carta, and beyonce (Grown Woman & Blow)?

  • cj

    yo that t
    ink chick is gunna be a problem. ross didn’t wanna put her on the album cause she outshined him and jay z

  • TheTruthHurts

    That Movin’ Bass with Tink and Jay is way better than the Ross/Jay version but Tink wasn’t as dope lyrically as Timb was hyping her up as but I can see the potential there for sure. The only problem is on all those clips shes talking about things I don’t believe she did at all. Which many rappers do but from a 19 year old girl that was signed with Timbo at 15… I doubt she wasn’t doing any of those things she says.

    • eastpointvet

      like what i didn’t hear anything that was far fetched

      • TheTruthHurts

        “I’m the plug nigga, I plug niggas from out of state” “I poke niggas like pilsbury, robbing them in their hood mask on me like Jim Carey” And many more lines like these. Like I said, I like what I heard and i’m not even saying she hasn’t done what she raps about, but like I said as well, being signed with Timbo at 15 means she probably didn’t spend a lot of time doing street shit, but maybe she did. I don’t not question things and people like a fucking idiot would.

        • DontHateSkepticism

          My thoughts is if she’s been signed since 15, then is she not a part of the “machine”? Yes she can rap and sing (extremely well), but doesn’t it seem plausible that she’s being groomed to be this artist like say a Lorde. The only reason I use her as an example is because there isn’t a Hip Hop equivalent. The other part is if she’s been signed for 4 years, how does Timbo not know more about her life and is sketch about her personal details.
          It screams staged like the Dirt Off You Shoulder segment in Fade To Black.

          • TheTruthHurts

            True. She’s a wait and see artist for now.

          • cmonhomiewemajor

            see this is the problem with people not understanding the industry…theres nothing wrong with waiting a couple years as a signed artist and going through artist development and writing for others..Frank Ocean, James Fauntleroy, 50 Cent, BJ The Chicago Kid, Missy Elliot, etc. all went through it

            artist development actually makes for better artists

        • eastpointvet

          yeah but being signed means just that you are signed. she wasn’t on no chart toppers at 15 she just been in the lab growing and nobody knew who she was so aint like being signed technically kept her from doing anything because that light wasn’t on her until now. Until them big checks start rolling in like they sound like they will from what i heard i wouldn’t call into question her credibility just because she been a tax write off for 4 years.

          • TheTruthHurts

            She’s been releasing music so what makes you think she’s just been a tax write off? Why would Timb sign her 4 years ago and do nothing with her and let her run in the streets? She wasn’t selling dope or shooting anyone while being signed because that’s how you get your ass dropped as an artist. I have no reason whatsoever to think shes got any credibility, I don’t just take industry people at their word, especially ones that’ve been groomed by someone as a minor for the last 4 years. Go ahead and believe everything you hear and read. Again like I said, she could be legit, but I don’t know if she’s being herself off of 3 song snippets. That’s what a sheep would do.

          • eastpointvet

            You must don’t know how the music business works? 4 years ago she was 15 she probably was just raw and he saw the potential but maybe didn’t know what to do with her at that time and basically sat on the shelf. cause she been signed since 15 doesn’t mean she been rocking in the studio with timbo for 4 years. i know people signed to major labels who got more free time than me and i have more assets than them at this time. I’m not saying thats the case because she literally came into most peoples radar a whole day ago. I’m just saying a few dope lines on a song about said topic aint a super stretch because it is entertainment at the end of the day. i aint expecting big meech cause you spit a gun bar or drug line. i mean we know drake is about open as they come about his upbringing but even he throw a few lines in here and there and you don’t call into question his credibility as an artist. its more how its done as opposed to whats said.

          • TheTruthHurts

            I would absolutely question Drakes credibility. You shouldn’t come from Degrassi or whatever to talking about guns or selling drugs. That’s that. Like I said, she’s been putting out music apparently so what makes you think she’s been sitting around? You try to make points with no proof. And no one believes you know people with major labels who got more free time than you and that you have more assets. Shut the fuck up, you’re on the internet, no one believes you. Come with a real argument instead of saying she’s been shelved for 4 years with no proof. Raw talent that gets signed is attempted to be molded, not put on the side. You clearly know nothing about the music industry

          • eastpointvet

            Bruh for one don’t tell me to shut the fuck up i aint came at you sideways in this debate so don’t get beside yourself. Like i said being signed means nothing until you out there making money off your craft. if a person is signed off their raw talent these days, which is much rarer than it was, you talking 60-70k off your deal or maybe 100k if you impress them really good. and probably average about 40k a year while they developing you which artist development doesn’t even really exist any more. how many artist do you know been on artist labels for years and still have no record or buzz what do you think they do to make a living just hit the studio? furthermore when i say she was shelved the proof is in she has no album out you don’t have to be a genius to see that. you usually be with your team or the lesser named producers drop mixtapes to get buzz and to get your weight up so to speak then when you start making that good music then you start working with the big dogs. she is obviously doing that now and is in the studio heavy with timbo now. I know the music business very well you are welcome to follow me on instagram if you need to verify my industry ties. hell you can like a couple pics from the very people who put together this site. And again my point was that being signed amounts to absolutely zero when your money don’t match what people perceive an artist to have and you not out burning up the charts or touring heavy so you can be doing anything during the course of your day when you not in the studio. biggie didn’t come out the streets immediately and hell even t.i. had to go back to the streets after his first major label album.

          • TheTruthHurts

            I’ll come at you however the fuck I want haha, again, you’re on the internet pussy. Talking about checking your instagram and hanging with the creators of Whack Radar? Yeah you must be a “big dog”. Look how much time you got on your hands to type and pretend like your in the music industry, shut the fuck up cornball. Again you make zero points, she’s clearly been getting her craft together in the time she’s been signed, if you think she’s out in the streets then your a fucking moron. Quit commenting and making yourself look stupid if front of you’re only peers you think you got.

          • eastpointvet

            Yeah I’m on the internet and use my pics and handle for everything so I’m easy found so you can chose to do that. I didn’t say i was in the industry i just know the industry because I’m around it. i don’t have a google understanding of the music business and how it works. And you the only moron who thinks having a record deal solves all your problems and leads to a pot of gold just because you signed paperwork. Just like your lack of comprehension states something i didn’t say. I said because she is signed doesn’t mean she is not out in the streets i don’t know her day to day activities just as well as it could mean she not out in the streets and living that fairy tale life you seem to think all signed artist live because they signed on the dotted line. And you probably look stupid thats why your avatar is not of you so you hiding behind your keyboard with tons of courage.

          • TheTruthHurts

            Ha my comprehension states things you didn’t say? You’re literally putting words in my mouth and deciding what knowledge I have, just like an ignorant person would do. I never said that a deal led you to a pot of gold hahaha, do you even read faggot? It took you up to your last paragraph before you could even write with capital letters so you must be someone people should listen to. When did I ever say every artist lives a fairy tale life after they sign? Nowhere. Get the fuck out of here you troll, you’re either to old to be arguing or to young to know what be what you say. Both ways you look corny. You say I can look you up but I don’t think eastpointvet is your birth name and your picture looks like Pitbull but doesn’t even show your face so what the fuck are you talking about hypocrite? “And you probably look stupid” Whoa!! You sure got me! Go back to school and try to better yourself so your dope fiend momma will let you back in the house.

          • Dummy your point from the beginning was she been signed since 15 i doubt she done some street shit. so that means your dumb ass think being signed is your magical ticket out the hood. she probably lives in the very same house as when she got signed. she aint got no major checks so is more than likely still in the same environment she came up in. do we know what the environment is? no, which is my point i agreed you could be right but my point was just cause she signed it don’t make shit sweet like the street life, if she was ever apart of it, just stops cause you get a deal. hell chief keef still do dumb shit and he was signed to one of the biggest machines in the game. so hop back on google and wikipedia some music contracts or something to learn more about the business you certainly don’t have much real knowledge of and try to gain some. and nice try but my pic is me you aint gotta see my face its me. Man you so witty calling my mom a dope fiend you win the internet sir.

          • TheTruthHurts

            Yeah you have no idea what kind of checks she gets or what house she lives in but keep acting like you do. When Cheif Keif is the example you can give me then I know you must be a Hip-Hop head hahaha, clown. “You ain’t gotta see my face its me.” That’s exactly what an internet bad-ass would say, go ahead and give out that IG that’s probably someone else’s hahaha, you’re only proving yourself to be more and more corny.

          • no dummy i said over and over that i don’t know what she has or were she is from over and over. i used chief keef as an example because that seems to be your level of comprehension. you the only one acting like you know something because you started with a comment about the life you don’t believe she lived. my whole point has been you don’t know but your dumb ass seems to escape that point. you can click on the link and start being a fan i already gave my internet info I’m easy to find like i said i don’t hide behind the keyboard and secret aliases

          • TheTruthHurts

            That’s exactly what you do eastpointvet, you posted no link, you don’t use your name or a picture of your face. That’s how stupid you are is that you literally say the opposite of what you do and are doing hahaha. Cheif Keif is my comprehension? Or the only shit you know you wack ass loser. You started this whole arguement commenting on my post like a true bitch nigga would. I stand by everything I said and that your a dumb ass that should honestly just kill himself because what you think of yourself is not reality.


      you should go on youtube and listen to some Tink songs she has three mixtapes and she might have two bad songs on all three combined i have been listening to her for about a year and I am ere to tell she is all that lyrically

    • Comparing to the trash that is out now, Tink is dope so far what I heard from her but when her debut album drops then we can really see what she is about.

      • TheTruthHurts

        Agreed, I’m done with good music, I’m not down with over hype. If she lives up to Timbs hype train and like 2 good flows but overall nothing to remember or care about and ride for her right now.

    • JefferyDamnHer

      you smokin mad dope. she’s lame af

      • TheTruthHurts

        What the fuck are yo talking about? I’m not praising Tink at at all, I say she’s over hyped non stop. Read or don’t comment and get the fuck out dumb ass.

        • JefferyDamnHer

          Ok Internet gaundi

          • TheTruthHurts

            Ha okay internet troll/faggot. Go comment on shit that isn’t a month old and get a fucking life.

          • JefferyDamnHer

            yo you gotta be 16 or less you too corny to be older

          • TheTruthHurts

            Hahaha okay, says the guy who clearly can barely spell, form a full sentence and come back with some facts with whatever dumb ass argument you have. Get your GED too before you come run your mouth. Like I said, get a fucking life, you’re commenting on shit that’s considered old now you lame ass pussy.

          • JefferyDamnHer

            wow… your real life must really suck…

          • TheTruthHurts

            Says the guy who’s wasting his life bothering me over shit I said a month ago. I don’t even remember why you’re mad or what you first said, that’s how little I car what you say. But I’ll roast you all day long fuckboi.

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    She been nice .. she got a record produced by DJ Dahi called “Men” DOOOOOPE!!!! Glad she got in the right hands!

  • yorapper

    I see this a lot, dads giving their kids cds from when they were young to study the “classic” music they grew up on. I’m not sure if that’s the right approach. Cause you then get young artists who internalize all the standards from the older generation, which may stunt their ability to create something fresh and new. Tink’s music actually sounded dated to me. Her raps sound very similar to early Fox Brown. I’m not sure that’s the sound young girls will take to. I think something like a rap version of Lorde would be better.

  • tipp0183

    Some off the stuff she has on YouTube sounds REALLY good.

  • RGeezy

    That Aaliyah movie turned into free promotion for Timbo.

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Damn…They make the Ross song look like doo doo…damn. Bye Nicki and Iggy…


  • Realistically

    What happened to his other female rapper, Nyemiah Supreme? Why isn’t he promoting them both at the same time?



    hes reppin those SMS Audio joints hard

    • bcro31

      Those gold one’s are nice. Now sms audio has Gronk as a business partner.


    I see it’s all iHeartRadio now….what happened with Revolt? Did Diddy fuck them over too?

    • Charlemagne Kept on dissing Diddy and diddy couldn’t take it and told them niggas fuck Y’all.

  • Yo Timb Fuck these new niggas they don’t respect the art form.

  • Rapsody is the only female I like right now she is dope, Tink is getting there.