2 Chainz On ‘Nancy Grace’


Chainz Smoking.

2 Chainz was on Nancy Grace’s show this evening to debate marijuana reform. So far only four states have legalized it. During their conversation, Nancy spoke on children smoking weed, parental responsibility, and Chainz’s lyrical content.

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  • Greenbergs

    why do i get the feeling that nancy grace toked up majorly in the past along with many other drugs…?

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    2Chains is a different type of dude

    • Kris Kompute

      Same reason I want to take your comment seriously, until I see your name is a Trey Songz ad-lib. We all do frivolous stupid shit…doesn’t mean it’s a reflection of our IQ.

      • Mr.Stealyogurl

        Why you taking comments serious and studying discuss names bitch!!! I was joking Kris Kompute!!!

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      yo chill, the second line is “i am so high like an addict!”

      • Leon Sandcastle

        ^ HA! Chainz got bars

      • Mr.Stealyogurl

        My bad lol

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    • The OG Bobby Johnson

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        • 1KillMovez1

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          • thats mr.esco to you fk boi!

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        • Grow up and grow a pair… your whole life is basically you making stupid insults or nonsensical threats in response to peoples comments.. you don’t even have the brain capacity to voice an original opinion, all you can do is respond. No one is hurt when you call them a bama, and no one believes your ridiculous claims.

        • Shock


          • the art of deception

            perfect pull up is no joke bro, i would be scared

    • el jim chapo guzman

      I’ll be there you faggot.

  • Guest

    Same reason I want to take your comment seriously but your name is a Trey Songz ad-lib…we all do frivolous stupid shit. Doesn’t mean it’s a reflection of our IQ.

  • Rock

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  • Wow…this is fucking hilarious. Nancy Grace sucks at interviewing.

  • OMG

  • Stanfield

    Nancy Grace looks like her pu$$y smells like spoiled tuna.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


      • Yo why did you delete my comment calling out your grammatical error? I also commented on the video content too SMH. I said you needed an editor, then you fixed the mistake and deleted my comment to try to cover up your mistake… you fool should be paying be for being your editor, not deleting my comments!

        • ITS ME

          My comment was also deleted once when I said their grammar sucked and asked when I was gunna get hired

        • He has a long history of doing this. Can’t blame him for wanting to keep his job but it’s a new year, get an editor or do better.

        • Greenbergs

          these dudes are on some weird fuckboy shit, who knows what that random asian nigga bighomie had to do to land the job…

    • hahaha bruh

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin


    And Tity Boi was their choice to argue the legalization of marijuana because they thought they could make him look like a dumb ass while furthering their agenda. Makes me fucking sick.

  • NYComicBookGuy

    Damn, this dude is not good at arguing his point. Sorry he could have shut her ass down, mad times!

    • Apontay

      go to 7:17 i don’t know what your watching , he went on a show that caters to the middle age white demographic handled his self with class and killed her while being very calm allowing her to speak not furfilling the sterotype and definitely not pulling a camron even though that would have been funny tho!!!

      • NYComicBookGuy

        Thats true, I guess what I mean is that he let her make her nonsense points over and over again and then hit her with some good points but I doubt she would have stopped if he shut her down sooner.

  • Guest

    This has Saturday Night Live skit written all over it

  • Apontay

    Go to 7:17 to watch 2 chains kill this arrogant bitches whole momentum & as calm as a G is suppose to be!!!


  • nancy trying to expose 2 chainz but 2 chainz came back.

  • yorapper

    Cot damn 2 Chainz fell off if he doing this shit.

    • Kingly_Caracter

      You ain lie…Being on NATIONAL NEWS is the bottom of the barrel…

  • This argument is stupid.. It will never be a perfect situation in regards to Marijuana usage. But that’s just like anything else in society. When it comes to irresponsible people all things can be use to create conflict. It’s the people that’s the issue not the products or items. With the analogy Nancy was using knives should be illegal as well because if put in the wrong hands lives could be in danger and last time I checked people die more from stabbings than from Marijuana overdose

  • Wait I will not hear this song, but from these comments looks like 2Chainz hold his own, I am so fucking surprise. I guess Whoopi Goldberg nigga is smart after all I guess.

  • “Nancy Somewhere out there is a man wearing nothing but a snuggie and shower shoes and he is only half ass crazy as your ass.”

  • Shit reminds me of Drake being on SNL impersonating Katt.

  • iLLbeYo5to9

    Nancy Grace has the thickest bush in media. Fact “2 Chainz so many young adults look up to you” False

  • Bighustle

    This is almost too dumb to entertain. Nancy Grace just won’t leave this “pawt” issue alone. And yes, this is and surely will be great SNL material.

  • bet her pussy dryer than an africans flip flop

  • nancy was like “ok get one of them black rappers on the show yeah the ones that talk about hoes and drugs” thinking she would be dealing with some dumb nigga

  • Coroner

    I’m not supporting nor against it. But the argument that somebody gave pot to a two years old child is invalid… alcohol is legal and you don’t see parents giving that shit to their children unless they’re retarded!
    Though it really irritates when I see parents smoking cigarette in front of their children and blowing the smoke to their children’s faces! Now that’s cruel and should be punished…

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    She’s an actor right? This is a parody right?





  • Netflix —-> “The Union”