Joey Bada$$ & BJ The Chicago Kid On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

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Late Nights.

The last time Joey Bada$$ was on Jimmy Fallon’s show, he had yet to replace Leno. But last night, he and BJ The Chicago Kid made their debut on The Tonight Show to perform their collabo, “Like Me”. B4Da$$ arrives on January 20.

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  • kareem

    ah man, was waiting on a snarky shot at badass’ artistry from b. dot, lol.

  • KJN

    I like Joey. But why my dude look like he about to nut?

  • titus tucker

    Great performance. You can tell the roots were feelin em.

  • Donn

    I like Joey I just be feeling his songs have no real subject matter. He’ll start a topic then go back to sex raps and being better than you lol. His freestyles need direction. U can’t hide behind beats and soul samples. I’m listening to lyrics

    • See(sic)

      Isn’t that kind of what a freestyle is though? I felt that whole performance and verses, where he starts out relating the subject matter to females, then stunts a little, then about reality for him. It takes you to so many places in under five minutes.

      • Donn

        So what is the song about?

        • Brian B.Dotâ„¢ Miller


        • AKB

          i mean the name of the song is like me so son is probably talking about what a nigga like him thinks about lol. girls, friends, the neighborhood & the police. Everyday things young niggas think about

        • Greenbergs

          apparently its about why they get high and say fuck the police…lol

  • jaysanon

    That was amazing!

  • See(sic)


  • el jim chapo guzman


  • blackbeltbreeze

    Damn…Damn man.

    Hell yeah.

    Preordered this dude album last month and been frustrated with the singles. but this vibe right here is where he excels.

  • KidNamedChance

    Waiting for someone to tell me what Joey Bada$$ songs are about. Feel like i’m getting dragged every which way every 4 lines.

    • marty mcfly

      Like basically almost every rapper in Hip Hop.

  • The Rock says

    This is the type of shit he’s good at, I have restored faith for the album

  • Cool laid back cafe lounge Hip Hop. I can dig it and I will get the album next Tuesday cuz I been down since he freestyled on Worldstar. Wanted more of a Waves type style from him and he went elsewhere wit his flow and identity as a emcee. Wayne verses be all over the place too especially during his mixtape Weezy run and was the self proclaimed Best Rapper Alive so cut Joey a lil slack. The album might be an artistic gem. Just vibe to it.

  • Used 2 B A Youngin

    Nice look right here

  • Greenbergs

    booo, stop paying for these appearances!! they do next to nothing unless you actually buzzin…!!

  • jussayin

    gawd…nothing like a solid hip hop performance. Joey killed it…for someone so young he has a level of maturity in his music and performance….good shit

  • OG Piccolo

    Damn, I might have to cop the album.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Smoooth vibes!!

  • ryzoncity

    really cool actually penlr