New Music: Cory Gunz “Truffle Butter (Remix)”

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Parole Violators.

From biggin’ up Meek Milly to addressing the Wayne and Birdman debacle, Cory brings his witty flow to Nicki Minaj’s track.


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  • Son still on the shelf…. I see why…

  • Apontay

    This is the Cory ppl need more of ❗️❗️❗️


  • 476231


  • i see you

    this was at the top a moment ago and now you switched it with the game post lol

  • Von

    *Sprays fire extinguisher on speakers* Woof!

  • Sean Power

    another rapper that will never get an album out on young money

  • el jim chapo guzman

    rip cory gunz ..

  • Just Mike

    Great rapper…….horrible artist

  • Deco Lard

    bout time he release a album ..

  • blackbeltbreeze

    “I’ll knock the cable out of ya kid. Ya kid outta the cradle. The cradle outta ya crib.” cold. cory been cold but he putting fans in a fucked up position making them wait for almost a decade for a real album. He gonna end up like 2 Chainz, coming out when he in his late 30s. Hope he can learn to be a great A&R and director or producer in the meantime to keep his buzz up. Or maybe link with some beloved underground icon and create a lane like Killer Mike.

    That beat. If you hating on nicki that means you never been in a club with even one mildly attractive woman when this song drops. She has three songs like this on every album she drops. Most consistent cat in the game when it comes to club songs with real bars.

  • wow


  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    Nigga tried to make that pile of pink glitter look gangster lmao