J.Cole & Dale Earnhardt Jr. Cover ‘ESPN’

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Buckle Up.

Riding shotty with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., J.Cole is off to the races in ESPN’s new music issue. On “Note To Self” off 2014 Forest Hills Drive, Jermaine shouts out Dale Jr.

I’d been working on the album for a year, and I was in such an ecstatic mood — I felt like I won. So while I’m shouting out everybody, I was like, “I may as well pretend a shoutout, somebody I have no idea who they are, just as a joke.” There was an interview Dale Jr. did that asked him what he plays before races, and he said “J. Cole ‘Power Trip,’” which freaked me out! What is Dale Earnhardt Jr. doing playing my shit? How did he even find out about it? You don’t think somebody on that level would ever hear your stuff. From there, I never forgot. I was always like, “Yo, I ride with Dale Earnhardt Jr.” So when I was picking a name, I chose his. And it worked out crazy.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. adds:

“Power Trip” was coming up on my Pandora station a lot. I found out Cole was from North Carolina, and when you like a guy’s music and you find out he’s from where you’re from, you tend to start to follow him. I heard he had a new album, and it started popping up on my Twitter timeline that there was this shoutout. I was like, “Oh shit, what’s happening here?” So I went and listened to it, and it was funny as hell! So I tweeted to him, “Man, that shit’s funny!” And he retweeted it and thought it was cool.

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  • Man look, y’all really wanna know who did it? I’mma tell y’all who did this shit man. Man, Dale Earnhardt jr dawg. I’m never gon’ forget, this is gonna sound crazy but I’m never gonna forget that shit you told me yo.

  • IKEEPIT100

    An the award for most boring artist to exist…..wait fooooor ittt…….J.COLE..seriously dont know any fan of his..guess these college kids have bad taste in music…

    • Home Of Philly

      *Raises hand proudly* I’m a big fan of J. Cole fan but I’m also a college kid… just curious, If J. Cole is boring then what would you consider to be more appealing?

      • IKEEPIT100

        French Montana

        • The Rock says

          Lmaoo go away

        • Shotz


          • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


        • Shock

          LMAO…This is genius level trolling….

        • IKEEPIT100

          Lmao someone deffinetly tried to post as me haha french montana tho lol..he use to be cool back in theac an cheese days but nice try with the impersonation lol rap radar producing laughs since 2012..or w.e year this site got running

    • Kris Kompute

      If you don’t like “St. Tropez”, you have no pulse.

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

        thats my favorite track.

        i like the sample more than anything. mobb deep and ll cool j did it justice too

      • Trilles[Tx]

        St. Tropez is nice, but it’s my least favorite track on the album lol.

        • Kris Kompute

          Damn word? Lol. It is the least lyrical. But that production is therapeutic.

  • Used 2 B A Youngin

    I like seeing magazine covers. Visually appealing. Go rap radar!

  • Home Of Philly

    Yooooo that skit/credits at the end of J. Cole’s latest album (and Dale’s tweet) definitely produced this cover. I’m not sure who is running things at ESPN but I appreciate how they always seem to have a pulse on what’s current in Hip Hop (with their special guest slots and now with their magazine covers)

    • Roc Nation

      ESPN the NEW 106 & PARK LOL they don’t play VIDEOS but ALL ARTIST stop at ESPN on their ALBUM PROMO RUN. The go to the breakfast club first, then they got to hot 97, then they stop at b.e.t. then they late night talk show. then the next morning they go to ESPN. Then they do the same thing all over again on the west coast starting with sway in the morning.

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

        sway’s best in NY. but i know what you mean.

      • Home Of Philly

        true… It’s good marketing and mutually beneficial to both parties. Rather than one platform (a la 106 & Park) you will catch artist on First Take, Highly Questionable, Pardon The Interruption, and SportsCenter.

    • tipp0183

      thats dope

    • b r z a

      this was a dope way of bridging the gap

  • Kevknows

    Dale seem cool as fuck. .


    This is DOPE. Definitely a North Carolina thing.
    Nascar is epic there. #2014ForestHillsDrive #TIMELESS


    They got love for ya Cole. Real Genuine Love. And shout-out to Redskins fan Dale.

  • IKEEPIT100

    I use j.coles new album as an alarm clock just to hit snooze an put me back to sleep..yall gotta be kidding me lmao! There not one track that bangs on here not one..this guy singing an tryna hit high notes an shit lol gtfoh..

  • IKEEPIT100

    Ohh yeah an too the guy that wanted me to name a better artist….YELAWOLF..100x better..this guy artistic with a vision an a sound that completley diffrent an the guy can actually sing, make a dope hook, an rap his ass off ..LOVESTORY will shitt all over coles library once it drops…wait on it

    • Fuck Your Opinion

      3 assumptions from reading this…

      1. Your white
      2. Your white
      3.if your not white your just on dope … Wtf are you talking about

      • IKEEPIT100

        U clearley dont know good music..go listen go mr. Good watch lol …were jay z at HA! Yelawolf got Em an he actually rides with his artist

        • Jesse Jackson

          The name of the song is Mr. Nice Watch. This just proves to me you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Grammar Police

        It’s “you’re” x 3

        • Fuck Your Opinion

          Thanks bro!


    i remember when everyone was clowning the godfather 50 for trying to get some of that NASCAR money

  • Pete

    Awww, how cute. This is the beginning of a long and beautiful bromance.