New Music: Emilio Rojas “The Break Up (Friends Turn To Enemies)”


Achy Breaky.

Emilio’s got girl problems. And with !llmindon the boards, he contemplates his options. Take it from Breezy, these hoes ain’t loyal. In any event, Emilio’s Life Got In The Way EP is scheduled to drop in March.

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  • ladies and gentlemen meet 2015 drake/& j cole lovechild drakes song topics with j coles vocals

    • el jim chapo guzman

      What good my dude’ good comment

    • Alexander Thomas

      Dude has been around way before Cole and Drake. He’s from the backpack era. You were probably a toddler back then.

      • little nigga im 37 yrs old i was a teenager in the backpack era can you say the same

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Emilo stop biting

  • Colonel Mustafa

    Emilio find your own style and stay in your lane! We don’t need a Drake/J Cole hybrid. This is not a good song at all. Sounds like a skit that went too long.

  • jasmine

    Emilio you know i love your music and this is just amazing love it!!! Fan of your song 3+yrs