Lil Wayne Suing Birdman For $51 Million

birdman-lil wayne

Sue Woo.

Lil Wayne is taking his war with Cash Money to court. After failing to come to an agreement this week, TMZ reports Wayne has filed an $8 million lawsuit against the label for the advance money for Tha Carter V and to free him from his contract. The saga continues.

UPDATE: The stakes just went up. TMZ reports Tune is going for $51 million and wants joint copyright ownership for Young Money recordings. Read the 21 page suit here.

“Sources connected to Wayne tell TMZ … if Birdman antes up then he can release “Tha Carter V,” but only if Wayne gets paid. Wayne says he was supposed to get an $8 million advance when he began recording in December, 2013 and another 2M when he completed the album a year later, but so far he’s gotten nothing”.


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  • TruthBeTold

    Wayne is really only 32 and I think he finally realized how much Birdman pimped him out. Like Birdman and Slim are basically just stock holders of Wayne and Drake and em, nothing more.

    • Trillionare

      And it’s crazy cause it happened in front of the whole world and he was the only one not seeing it smh… Better late than never

    • yeah

      Yeah never thought birdman did much, just kinna put out slaw albums with wayne features to gain attention and then bragged about his labels success while counting everybody else’s money. He’s never been revered as one of hip hops biggest bosses like hov diddy dre ect and now we can see clearly why

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      took him 10 years to figure it out though

      should’ve listened to juvie and mannie

    • cA

      Never thought about it like that. Wow

  • not really

    my heart is breaking.his mixtape trash tho

  • the DOCTOR

    Birdamn cheated on Lil Wayne with Young Thug. It’s over for Cash Money, don’t nobody wanna hear Young Thug’s garbage music.

    • Alonelydad

      My wife left me.

    • brza

      hey you insensitive jerks “A Lonely Dad’s” wife just left him and nobody is reaching out to showing their support lol what is the world coming to




    “CMB! CMB! Man, we all we got!” – G-Money


    • Alonelydad

      My wife left me!

    • Jake Zero

      – “Am I my brother’s keeper??”
      – “Yes… I am!” BANG!!!

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL

        ……….HA!!!! YUP!!!!


        • Jake Zero

          I have come to a very controversial viewpoint… I fkn love Mac Diesel. Without him this site would be ass tissue!

          • Kev

            Real shit. Most people only check this site for Mac. He’s like the life blood on this site.

          • Dumb

            hop off

          • Jake Zero

            Seriously, imagine how dope the site would be MD was an official moderator? Traffic would go up by a trillion. B. Dot and YN would never do that because those egomaniacs have no vision.

          • THE REAL mac DIESEL

            ………..NO HOMO!!!! HA!!!!

            DON’T HATE ON MY OPINION!!!!

  • Music

    I do not know how anyone can do business with a snake like baby.

    YT & RHQ are idiots for letting this man pimp them out. If he did Wayne like this, what could he do to them?

  • Abe6772

    thats a very pricy divorce

  • Donn

    IDC what happens, long as we get good music out this shit…

    • I AM HIP HOP



    you all need to realize this is a publicity stunt. and all above just goddamn embarrassing

    • GetReal

      shut the fuck up, this shit aint far fetched, the nigga is clearly tired of getting pimped you internet niggas love acting like you know what the fuck y’all talking bout

  • LēTeck


  • polopolo1

    Best believe if wayne leave, tyga and drake will leave, and if drake leave nicki will leave. And just like that nothing was the same

    • kirk

      None of these people can leave because of a little thing called a contract.

  • Alonelydad

    My wife left me!

    • now u know what happiness is. (if u have game) thats the key to life.


      its cuz she liked this dick too much.

  • The Incredible Creation

    B.G. in prison like…………

  • thats mr.esco to you fk boi!

    Who cares fk all these bamas!!

  • Birdman ain’t shit without Lil Wayne, Cashmoney ain’t shit without Lil Wayne. #FACTS

  • sue me son i’ll let my lawyers fight it..i forget how you help my label when it was on its last leg when the others left you stayed and sacrifice for me and the label..but sue me son the only way you getting this money i owe you.

  • mungo

    Free wayne

  • Kev

    The unpaid $8M advance is for Not a Human Being 2, and holding C5 hostage is a breach in contract. Get the story straight

  • Jay

    Only 8 million man he needs jayz to tell him how to get it all lol

  • blackbeltbreeze

    Birdman can’t be serious about opposing this lawsuit. He most likely owns the masters to every YMCB release over past 20 years, probably controls most of the publishing, and probably has a red room filled with red external hard drives, each containing hundreds of Wayne songs from every year of his life since he first signed with CMB. If he takes this to trial what jury in the world would side with a 40+ year old hundred millionaire who does 2 minute long gang handshakes in public with fatherless teenage black youth?

    This will play out in one of 3 ways. (1) baby gives in and he and Wayne kiss and make up, in a convenient way that leads many to think this was all a marketing scheme. (2) Baby puts battery in Young Thug’s back similar to how Suge did Tupac when Dr Dre started complaining about unfair contracts. Music war starts and Drake jumps in front of drone fired bullet intended for Wayne, dies, but then rises from the dead on a Tuesday. (3) bird takes this to trial and looses both the case and all hood/blog status due to inability to let go. Abandoned by the Blood Nation, Baby then fully embraces scientology, moves to Beverly Hills and eventually begins growing out his hair to an Uncle Phil’ish sort of length, starting a successful vegetable purée franchise named Baby Food.

    • GetReal

      lmfaooooo at drake dying

    • u said alot! on point. i been peepin cash money since 97. u remember when wayne said ” i dont care about money, i just wanna rap.”

    • polopolo1


    • TheLegend


    • IM730

      fuck all that noise mother fucker said “BABY FOOD” HAAAA!!!!! good shit

    • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani


    • blackbeltbreeze

      Glad yall enjoyed that silliness…Meanwhile…this Lupe album… tetsuo and youth…how is this not the number one trending topic in the world? This is fascinating work. This is his “beautiful twisted dark fantasy” and he’s not even a formal producer. How did he conceptualize this shit and bring it to fruition with so much synergy between the tracks? Let alone the lyrics? The mixing and sequencing…OHHHHH SHITTT!

  • Mickey Fincher Kelz

    so are we just gonna ignore that fact that Lil Wayne released a mixtape where he sounds exactly like Young Thug? not a good look at all. esp since Birdbrain dumped him for the man called thugger.

    • GetReal

      nigga young thug sounds like him wtf you talking bout

      • Mickey Fincher Kelz

        yea u think young thug sounds like Carter 2 wayne?

        • GetReal

          Fuck no he sounds like carter 3 drought is over Wayne, Wayne been stopped sounding like carter 2 Wayne I can tell niggas didn’t even listen to Wayne for real when they say stuff like this

    • 3rd Coast Playaz

      You mean young thug sounds like lil wayne

  • Goose

    1. Announced “problems” with Birdman
    2. Releases MixTape
    3. Files “lawsuit”
    4. Album Finally Drops
    5. Miraculously comes to an agreement with Birdman
    6. Tours the Album
    7. Surprise guest Birdman
    8. Fans go wild.

    • Mickey Fincher Kelz

      thats about right

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

        damn, that marketing plan was you?

        • bronxbillyunz

          lol- he really ran the street

        • cmonhomiewemajor

          i bet you and elliot are already plottin on booking a CRWN with Wayne right now

          • jj

            lol you say that like it wouldn’t be the smart thing to do

        • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

          Still think it’s a marketing plan? No way dude!

    • Dope

      It’s not like 50 and Game where they’re both rappers so people would give a damn about a reunion. Nobody wants to hear Birdman rap, and if you still think this is a marketing scheme, you need to take of that tin foil hat, not everything is a conspiracy, sometimes problems are real and in this case it’s quite obvious they are real.

    • Reality over industry

      Biggest promo run ever. The only way Wayne can get people to buy into purchasing an album. The tv show Empire said it best controversy sales hip hop lol. . Not buying into this ymcmb made up beef.. carry on

      • GetReal

        you niggas sound delusional aint nothin fake about niggas playing with your money grow up fam not everything is a conspiracy

        • Used 2 B A Youngin

          i thought goose’s idea was decent but you put up a good argument now i’m really on the fence and i guess we’ll just see how it plays out

    • Jay

      Then young thug gives them a pedicure and sings a frank ocean song

      • David

        shoulda left it at pedicure

    • 1Broskie

      dumbest shit ever. you really wasted your time to write that?
      1. no rapper esp. one of Wayne’s stature will waste time in tha studio to rekord FAKE diss songs.
      2. nobody gaf about a birdbitch appearance. stay in his nest somewhere.
      this not a promo plan, i promise ya that.

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      i thought it was fake at first…but the only way he can make 50mill with sales is if he sells like 8million albums

      theres no way thats happening

    • thats just classic lol.

  • hey yo wayne, good luck with that. you know how this story ends: u sign back and reunite in 5-7 years. sheesh.


    Weezy will sell a lot of albums this time around … the passion is coming back you can tell by the tape

    this is definitely a publicity stunt … it doesn’t take damn near 20 years to realize your being pimped & weezy has been eating good since he was a teen

    • kirk

      White people don’t care about wayne anymore so he’s not selling anywhere near a mill

  • el jim chapo guzman

    NO HOMO’ kissing baby on the lip was all for nothing.

  • k.smith

    yesssssssssssss, bout time.

  • The Ripper

    8 million??? Wow!!! I betcha if if Wayne really check the books from over the years, Cash Money owe him way more than 8 million. Got to smarten up Wayne and bounce from Cash Money because you’re actually just Cash Money Cow. Wayne was so young and naive…just to blind to see it from earlier on.

  • TopNotchN3gro

    Somewhere Hov and Pusha T are laughing.

    • Jake Zero

      Nah nigga, HOV (sorry Flex) is rubbing his hands together and licking his chops, ready to pounce on the rapper whose soon to be known in Roc Nation offices as ‘Lil Free Agent’!

      • TopNotchN3gro

        Hov laughing at Birdman bruh.

      • cmonhomiewemajor

        if Hovs a smart businessman…hes not signing Wayne in 2015 unless Drake and Nicki come with the deal

        • pimpsquadpop

          How u figure?

          • cmonhomiewemajor

            Wayne cant even make a hot track unless Drake gives him the proper direction these days, and Drakes the hottest artist right now

            and Nicki is killin the game right now

            signing just Wayne means you gotta get his creativity right, gotta figure out the sound of his next album, and you gotta make him hot again

          • pimpsquadpop

            I agree with you 100%, but consider this… Wayne can headline tours from today until he’s 45-50 years old based on his previous catalog alone.

          • cmonhomiewemajor

            yeah, so if RocNation signs him for management, then theyre good

            but signing him to their label? nah

        • Rena

          If Hov hadn’t dropped the “Mrs. Drizzy” line, he would have had Drake and the end of this YMCMB contract. After this, Nicki will sign with a major and Drake will go independent.

        • Jake Zero

          You think Wayne will sell less than Jay Cole? Rita Ora? Jay Electronica? Wayne is big business. And that lil runt will sell out shows like a naked Beyoncé. In an age of 360 deals, Wayne is one of the most bankable artists in the world.

  • pusha T told this nigga he aint listen lol


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  • the art of deception

    this is all a publicity stunt for a new like father like son album

  • thats mr.esco to you fk boi!

    These bamas need to kiss and make up

  • Gambit

    “To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal.”

    Malcolm X

  • He’s suing him for 51 because thats what he got on his IQ score

  • Guest


  • brollya

    u lil kids are dumb as hell…. who does a publicity stunt and sues for 81 million? how is makin a mixtape bout birdman thats gonna be here forever a publicity stunt… everything is a publicity stunt to u net nerds…

  • Naw sorry folks this is real. How do I know? Because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and that is the Lil Wayne story. Smh 51 milli tho seems like a number jus to settle for something smaller and be done with it all. Ruthless Records started all this lol.

  • sway-z

    I just don’t understand, did Wayne not witness every other member of Cash Money have issues with Baby? He had an opportunity to leave, whether Hov was gonna do the deal or not, and he decided to stay. He has nobody to blame but himself…

    • the art of deception

      thats his daddy, they kiss on the lips bruh

      • sway-z

        Yea well homie got fucked in the ass in more ways then one…

      • You A Faggot.


    Wayne says he was supposed to get an $8 million advance when he began recording in December, 2013 and another 2M when he completed the album a year later, but so far he’s gotten nothing”.


    “Call me Triple-A, get my advance in advance” – Lil Wayne




  • sue woo that was slick i give you will not pay him nothing above 30 million he be lucky to get that much you started young money and didn’t even get part ownership weezy you tripping baby,

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Damn 51million that all? Cashmoney owes wayne way more that.

  • Greenbergs

    that caption is genius…and lil wayne never gon see that paper..he’ll die before he does..

  • $51 Mil? Good luck with that.

  • Mylo

    Smh never trust no one when it comes to your livelihood… Remember BIRDMAN said lil Wayne had more money than jay z…

    • the art of deception

      remember when BIRDMAN said he had “Dipolmatic Immunity”? that’s not a typo thats what his document said LOL

      how about when he said he was buying the dolphins?

      • Mylo

        Straight fraud lmao

      • do_betta

        Wait!!That diplomatic immunity stuff is real?? How can bird man be allowed by the hip hop media “coughs” to perpetrate this fraudery throughout the years?? This is crazy!!!

        • the art of deception

          no it wasnt real. his fake document didnt even have the correct spelling in “diplomatic”

  • OuTLaW

    Damn smh…where’s Ja?, can somebody please!..please get Ja Rule on the phone so we can make sense of all this.

  • Sean Power

    history repeats itself over and over again in hiphop






    death of another death of dynasty

    • Suge K.

      Cant forget Deathrow Records

    • Smh I know this is a fugged up situation but this is an L for hiphop.

  • diggz

    I thought 8M sounded a little low .. But DAYM! Take that Baby lol

  • llawrence

    Did Wayne’s last album do anything? I don’t remember if it even hit the charts. Maybe that’s why Stunna told him to wait. Nikki and Drake are selling their ass’s off but Wayne is not. Wayne better hope when his album does come out it’s a hit cause if not he is going to be looking real dumb and no one will buy a T shirt from him.

    • Wtf You Mean “Did It Do Anything” Wayne Sold 217,430 First Week. Nick Sold 201,000 First Week.

  • The mo money we come across the mo problems we see

  • Abe6772

    lil wayne wanted to cuddle, but birdman was tired. The rest is history. Too bad they ended the way they did.

  • ….

    The fall of Cash Money Records