New Music: Gucci Mane “Cartel”


Meet Ya Connect.

Although Gucci Mane’s on lock down, new music is constantly hitting streets. And today, producer Roger Beat liberates this bass heavy track in support of his new mixtape, BeatsNDrugs.


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  • Lance

    His mixtape titles just keep getting worse.

    • MACH 5 NICCA

      i hope you aint talking about Big Gucci, the mixtape titled mentioned above sounds like it’s the producers tape not Guccis

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Gucci is the nigga for real though..

  • Atlsavage

    Guwopp real king of da A

  • KingBuscuit

    Man its unfortunate Gucci sitting behind bars when Trap is the new thing…Who did all these fools do songs with before they were famous? Gucci.. Gucci is trap brrr

    • the art of deception

      trap is the new thing? lol its 2015, trap about to be dead forever

  • STRIK9

    Gucci should get his bars n flow up-while he locked up