New Music: Tech N9ne “Aw Yeah? (interVENTion)”

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Mind Right.

Tech N9ne’s set to release his Special Effects on May 5 and he’s targeting social injustice on his first offering. The album is already up for pre-order at his URL.


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  • DJ

    My gut feeling tells me that this will be his best album to date. #GOAT

    • DJ_Gayburn

      Every album Tech puts out is his best album to date!

  • ferd isaacs

    techa nina!

  • BEE

    Naija Represent.

  • DJ_Gayburn

    Bout time some real rappers start putting out new music!

  • tech has a collab with eminem coming gonna be wild

    • Samu

      Thought he was waiting for an EM verse which he hasn’t sent yet? Been a long time coming for those two to collab other than the ‘anthem’ from more than a decade ago.

      • Em doesn’t want that problem. He would probably spend a decade writing that verse to be satisfied that he held his own.

    • Michael Ib bett

      It’s been said multiple times though and has supposed to have happened for a decade. So take it with A grain of salt

  • el jim chapo guzman

    i’m not entertained.

  • 476231


  • Free Agentz

    Real Shit. KC all day!!!

  • I respect the skill and the fact that he’s making music relevant to current events and doing it creatively. I enjoyed listening.