Kanye West Joins Rihanna In Arizona

ri-ye super

Diamonds Up.

As part of Direct TV’s Super Bowl Saturday celebration, Rihanna held court on the eve of the big game with a performance. During her set, she was joined by Kanye West for “Diamonds”, “All Of The Lights” and more.

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  • Everybody

    Thanks but that’ll be all, Kanye! Some of us are just plain bored at this point.

    • Mr. white

      Can’t be that bored if you clicked on the post and left a comment! Lol

      • Everybody

        But I was? That

      • asdfghjkl

        RR covers a lot of content, maybe if you get it in your rss feed you might check it out then think its boring and use the comment section, because you can. SHOCKER

        That’s okay though, I’ll comment on a video I refuse to watch because IN MY OPINION DONT HATE MY OPINION kanye is garbage and needs to retire, any guppy who supports him is low on the human scale.

    • yeah

      Bored with what?

    • Lol @ people like you.

    • shotman

      Bored isnt the right word.. you can most definitely be as annoyed as you’d like but Kanye is the most interesting & exciting artist since MJ

      • Everybody

        He “was” at one point but egos aside, Kanye’s ship has sailed (IN MY OPINION) I clicked on the video and left a comment because I was “bored” enough to do so just like everybody else on the internet. I am not the only person to dislike something. Or am I?!

        • shotman

          idk bout you but i dislike country music and find it very boring. Same with Nascar and horse races. You wont find me on any country-based site, you wont catch me in they bars and all i do at the casino is play poker. I hope you get what i mean…

    • Guest

      Don’t speak for all of us homeboy. If you’re bored don’t watch.

    • Don’t speak for all of us homie. If you’re bored don’t watch.

    • Bruce Wayne

      my nigga wtf u takin bout? Yeezy is the only nigga keepin hiphop alive.. stay in your lane lame


    kanye think he a soldier now?

  • Hussle

    Wait and see this nigga Ye fuck around and drop another Amazing album after that Yeezus fiasco. Just watch!

    • cA

      Yeezus is really good imo.

      • carl grimes

        yeezus is one of the worst rap albums in history

        • shotman

          Maybe you shouldn’t marginalize it to just rap

          • carl grimes

            i guess you are right , regardless , i just cant listen to it

        • cA

          I disagree.

          It was more than a rap album.

    • I was heavily disappointed with that album but after listening to different songs over time its not that bad.

  • OgSnowflake187

    Crowd is dead for 2 superstars….that I can afford a 13k 300 section ticket crowd

    • Nah that’s the I’m gonna watch the show through my phone crowd. Can’t actually move & enjoy myself because I’ll ruin the footage crowd…smh

      • OgSnowflake187

        Ahah aint that the truthhhh!!!

  • Mista


  • ye

    Im waaaaayyy up i feel blessed

  • freakyboul


  • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs


  • This was supposed to be halftime at the superbowl

  • See(sic)

    Damn I thought Ye would do the second part of the verse, instead he just stood around awkwardly and then gave dap to fans. They should have done fourfive seconds too! Ah well, Rihanna is still solid.

    • See(sic)

      Nvm they didn’t get the first part of the verse on film. Duh