New Video: Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney “FourFiveSeconds”


Denim Style.

Coincidentally, we got three more days ’til Friday. But today, Rihanna and Kanye pitch a whole lot of denim in their black-and-white visual featuring Paul McCartney.

The single is expected to live on both Rih and Ye’s forthcoming albums. Look out for the trio to perform at this Sunday’s Grammys.

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  • X

    Song=garbage . Video=garbage. And that is my deep review

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    I mean.. I’m not mad at it.. I think it’s funny black people always want black artists to stay in their lane no matter how big they are.. #hoodmentality
    miley twerkin and white people having a ball while yall hating on this #smh

    • Michael

      So you are comparing twerking with making a song with Paul McCartney

  • MadShot

    If Kanye goes this way on his album, Yeezus’ follow-up will be as trash.

    • yeah

      You guys funny swearing something off before there’s even something to hear

  • Donn

    Fire. Song is flames. I love that Kanye does the opposite of what ppl want him to do. Shit is funny. Great song and video.

  • Facts

    @mr.stealyogirl A lot of white people didn’t like Miley twerking @ the VMAs. And a lot of black people love Rihanna’s new song…#marginalizing All people don’t think alike.

    • Mr.Stealyogurl

      Duh! All people don’t think alike, but are you saying my comment isn’t facts? I just pulled that one out of thin air? @ me Foreal next time

  • Dan Karlin

    I can’t hate on this. I generally cant stand Rihanna, and and pretty ambivalent toward just about anything Kanye does, but the song is well done. Some blue collar anthem shit… Respect.

  • Shock

    Wow. This is really good…best vocals I’ve ever heard from Rihanna.


    What does this Song Mean ?

  • Mislav

    Aj lov dis song! Du ju olso lov d song?

  • SMH

  • el jim chapo guzman

    As much as I love rihanna, That song is so not Rihanna.

  • The Rock says

    Lls y they both wanna use it,

  • IKEEPIT100

    Kanye is jus not at all what he use to be his music has become such trash ..nobody on here can claim that real hip hop head are checkin for this bullshit..hes changed for the worse an dont see it ever gettin better

    • JP

      Kanye doesn’t have to contain himself musically because you want to marginalize anything he does that isn’t hip hop. It’s not always about hip hop. Take time to learn to appreciate all kinds of music.

      • FREE MAX B

        i appreciate all kinds of music and listen to many genres but this is doodoo

        • JP

          I like it, but fair enough, to each their own.

    • GetReal

      no nigga speak for yourself niggas dont rap to please you faggots on here its called pushing the genre forward fuck boy

    • NE0N TrUTH

      Kanye isn’t what he used to be, that is correct, he has become something better. Just because you are in your box of the realest rappers being Tech N9ne, Uncle Murda, and anything from 1989-1999 doesn’t mean that Kanye has become worse. Kanye hasn’t claimed to be “that real hip-hop”since 2003, which you’re clearly still stuck in. Dude listen to a Beatles album and Yeezus, open your fucking mind before you talk out of your ass.

  • M.A.T.

    So let me get this straight… You have Paul McCartney in the studio and you don’t let him sing?

    • jussayin

      He’s never been a great vocalist….but i’d rather his voice than kanye’s offkey nonsense

      • Blahnlah

        He did sing it’s called “background vocals dickhead…

        • M.A.T.

          So how is having him in the background any better fuck face?

        • jussayin

          See? You fuel the stereotype that Niggaz can’t read..i said “he’s never been a great vocalist”…i didnt say he didn’t sing..dumbass

          • DJ

            What is so bad about Paul’s vocal skills? He’s by far my favorite Beatle. “She’s Leaving Home”, “Rocky Raccoon”, and “Here, There, and Everywhere” are great examples of superb vocals in my opinion.

          • DaKritik

            he’s playing the guitar..he doesnt need to sing..Dope Song Yeezy

  • brza


  • Prev eye lol

    @ 1:42 you can see her left tiddy!

  • yorapper

    hahahahah kanye’s the best!

  • mike h


  • kanye really getting into this performance and rihanna looking so sexy

  • Just Mike

    You guys are so ungrateful. Kanye is a genius for real. I don’t even like the song or the video but I respect it because I know when he does drop something that is “Hip-Hop” it will be classic and great for the culture. Let that man create.

  • jussayin

    Kanye has become a caricature of himself



  • Kingly_Caracter

    Peeps…ya opinion is yours to have. But real shit, I feel bad for any person of any race that that willingly puts themselves in a stereotyped box because you were taught “thats not what WE do”. This shit right here isn’t being black or white…this is art, this is history. Both Ri and Ye have just achieve what will most likely be one of their highest profile features they can do in their careers. You don’t have to like it. But gad damn…consider that these niggas care for more than just your typical “urban” based music genre. Never let expectation define you my niggs. Bless.

    • Mr.Stealyogurl

      “Niggs” was a nice touch

  • See(sic)

    This is really pretty brilliant. All about juxtaposition with Kanye. Some of the lyrics are fit for a trap/hip hop/rnb song, but it’s put up on a gospel, folksy acoustic instrumental. And the visual is chill but hype, reflects the theme/intention of the song. Very nice.

  • guest

    Certified garbage. Kanye could accidentally cough on the mic and people will be like,”Wow. So innovative. He’s changing the genre”.

  • Kevin Banks

    What a sellout

    • Kingly_Caracter

      For singing with a legend?…ok.

  • fig

    dis video wanna be a GAP commercial SOOOOOO bad.

  • noflexzone

    Why rihanna look like shit tho?

    • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

      Why do you always end sentences with “though”?

  • Jake Zero

    I will have sex with Rihanna. I am going to. Fact!
    But… This is tripe!
    And why is Kanye dancing as if Mustard on da beat ho?

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    90s Guess Jeans commercial ! xO