New Music: Juvenile x Skip “Foul On The Play”


Blow The Whistle

In preparation of his Mardi Gras 2 mixtape, Juvie draws and fouls and is calling all shots on his latest track featuring Skip. If you missed it, listen to his previous offering here. Produced by Zaytoven and Cassius Jay.


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  • Truths

    Man Drake bit Juve on his what.. second cd? “I can tell you’ve been practicin.. practice.. practice..” Then Tity boi(2 chainz) bit him on the song “used 2” on B.O.A.T.S. 2… Arguably the best songs on both of those albums.. I bought 4 hunned degreez(sp) but that was it. I dont know if he is trying to put this rapper on with this song but Juve has monster songs in his repertoire and I pretty much like everything he drops.. minus the verse from the dude trying to get on.

    • Duane Mecca Johnson

      Tired of you young ass niggas that know nothing on here how you know about 400 degrees and not know who skip is fuck you mean….never log on this shit and comment again you probably though missy was a new artist during the super bowl..

      A nigga tried to bypass all this shit on this site but yall be boldly speaking falsely and swear yall know one thig about music or the culture in General…

      • The Incredible Creation

        right.. like Skip wasn’t on one of Juve’s other big hits; “Slow Motion” lol zZzZZz ..and that was way after 400…. smh he gotta delete that comment -_-

        • Supa_Doopa_Ghost1

          Not to mention “Nolia Clap” that had Juve, Wacko, and Skip on it. That was waaaaaaaay after 400 degreez.

  • The Incredible Creation

    not bad but how long before we see Juve leave Cash Money again? zzzzzzzzz

  • BEE

    Juve killed this. the boy still hot.