Turk Suing Cash Money For $1 Million

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One Million Dollars.

Lil Wayne isn’t the only one taking Cash Money to court. According to TMZ, Turk also filed a lawsuit against Birdman and the label. The former Hot Boy claims he was cheated out of his earnings and wants rights to all of his recordings. Who’s next?

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  • Maurice ReBe’ Bass

    Beating a dead horse. .

  • He’s the guy from Harlem Nights with the tiny six shooter


    Cash money is LLC so you can’t WIN against BABY or SLIM!

    • Home Of Philly

      That’s not true. You should google “Suing an LLC”.

  • Ocho

    LMAO …. Im not made tho seems like the right time to go for it

  • Miss.S

    Slim got that paperwork on smash.. niggaz can think that “baby” is a dumb ass all that want SLIM IS THAT NIGGA lol quiet smart nigga telling baby ” rub den hands together bro” lol

    • yeah

      You make that sound like it’s admirable

      • Miss.S

        well the only thing about it should be the lesson learned. all these niggaz want this money and wanna be super stars.. but dont know what it FULLLY takes and what you gotta give up to become one. those dudes are SMART businessmen point blank..

        • yeah

          Or sheisty ones.. whichever way you look at it, it’s measured as the same thing really, I’m a music biz major so trust me I understand b

          • tututhebadboy

            I feel you my nig. Tryna get into the biz to be honorable then you know its shiesty niggas thats getting aaall the checks.. idk abt slim and bird but its looking like they a lil slimy.

      • cA


    • Duane Mecca Johnson

      It is admirable and disappointing at the same time…

      Now you self proclaimed real what have yous will honor thieves and crooks but won’t honor good business with dumb ass business partners..fucking win win…is it really their fault these fools trusted a business many was warn not to trust.

      They paint the picture that the man will have you sign a deal or your life away but as the saying goes it’s always your own people and these people in fact had a plan and they did probably honor what was agreed to is it their duty to be generous and honor more hell no that is business 101 no generosity just business…

      How yall blaming baby or cash money but can’t seem to find ble to place on all these real crooks out here..?

      If you play yourself take that L but if they indeed truly played you then Prove it in court dummy!

      • yeah

        But at the end of the day, if you’re owed money, you’re owed money, and cash money’s known for not paying their shit ANYWHERE near on time.

        • Duane Mecca Johnson

          True but your birth right in this world is deAth and taxes and of course debt!

    • …….

      Are you a female?

    • Alonelydad

      My wife left me

  • …….

    The fall of Cash Money records

    • …….


  • Ain’t turk sign with Rap A Lot Records

  • ygg

    Young thug and baby gonna announce a joint album with a tour tomorrow watch. This nigga need lawsuit money

  • Afi Keita James

    Karma’s a bitch birdbitch.

  • Kris Kompute

    Turk you about 15 years too late

  • almighty mikey esco! die bamas

    Get ya money bama…fk yo feelings bamas!!

    • …….

      Hey bama

      • almighty mikey esco! die bamas

        DIE FK BOI!!!

      • Mylo

        Lmao at the avi


    Lil Wayne is taking his war with Cash Money to court. After failing to come to an agreement this week, TMZ reports Wayne has filed an $8 million lawsuit against the label for the advance money for Tha Carter V and to free him from his contract. The saga continues.

    UPDATE: The stakes just went up. TMZ reports Tune is going for $51 million and wants joint copyright ownership for Young Money recordings. Read the 21 page suit here.

    Lil Wayne isn’t the only one taking Cash Money to court. According to TMZ, Turk also filed a lawsuit against Birdman and the label. The former Hot Boy claims he was cheated out of his earnings and wants rights to all of his recordings. Who’s next?


    “A million dollar a week business reduced to fuckin’ rubble!” – Nino Brown


    • eldesaparacido

      Not Drake. Jews know how to negotiate contracts.

    • …….

      Hello my fellow nigga

    • Alonelydad

      Stop writing essays dumb nigga. Oh BTW my wife left me!!!

  • winnin

    love amd hate this real talk damn why black cant stick together this sucks lil wayne leaving ($$$$) turk want his $$$$$$$$$$$ baby(slim) fucked over everyone free BG i been with casmoney since dam near the start of this record label some of this is hard to believe i hope everyone come to a agreement soon the fan waiting 2015 (California slim) this feel like family drama someone got the big head

  • Good

  • el jim chapo guzman

    lol suing cashmoney is a new trend get in line, juv is next up sue.

  • Jay

    Man fuck that shit owe me that much money I’m bussin gt5 bottles ove nikkas heads


    Cash Money is worse than Bad Boy records

    • Smit34

      no one is worst then bad boy

  • whothefuckisthis


  • birdman up in the crib like “i took yall unda my wing ya hurd me and this how ya repay me? ya understand ? i dont need yall i got my baby young thugga ya hurd me 100 flashy lifestyle always ya hurd me you either with us or without us playboi *brrrr*

  • STRIK9

    Damn, you could almost punt kick slim’s head the way it look. These 2 clowns been fuckin they camp over on money for years n now its comin back to they ass

  • Greenbergs

    How these dudes stay getting away without paying producers and the artists?

  • regal

    all cash money artist and former artist should sue…and Slim is the actual mastermind he just lets baby take the credit cuz slim don’t like the spotlight

  • regal

    juvi, manie fresh and bg been tried to tell y’all niggas

  • DJ NoSo


  • Reggie Bo

    Birdman the new Suge Knight and Cash Money bout to end up like Death Row