• ygg

    Runnin thru the 6ix wit my woes!!!

    • HOVITO

      CyHi is that dude to real but I worry about his career ,,,,

      B dot still hasnt posted the drake tape lmao

      • Don’t worry too much, I’m convinced he’s been ghost writing for ALOT of people since he got with GOOD

  • Max Da Rap Addict

    This Dudes All Up On Drakes Tip, Even Got Tha Lil Logo On There But Instead Of Tha Prayin Hands Its An Angel? Yooo lol Image Award, Tha Subliminal Thoe

    • SaniAbacha

      Isn’t that the G.O.O.D Music logo?

    • Chris M

      Nice try. That angel is the G.O.O.D. Music logo

    • Trillionare

      LMMFAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smh that’s the good music logo.

      • Max Da Rap Addict

        It Is But They Switch Tha Logo Up 2 Look More Like Tha Drake Joint, Google Is Ya Friend My G. Type In G.O.O.D. Music Logo and Peep.

    • Barcelona Boy_

      Another one of these Migos fuck boys over here I see.. Smh

      • Max Da Rap Addict

        Ur A Fuck Boy 4 Using Tha Term “Fuck Boy” GTFOH!

    • LuckyP

      go back to nahright ya bitch

      • Max Da Rap Addict

        Troll These Nuts Bitch, Use a Better Avi Before You Speak 2 Me

  • 3rdeyefocus

    BHP#1 IS a certified classic 10 out of 10 every song was fire. . . On 1st listen This is 6.5 out of 10 . Bars are there ,The music is cool , its a Good tape . But not as great as the 1st one is. This is gonna be on rotation for a min , This is s good appetizer before we Hopefully get the official release of the Lp .

  • ygg

    The 6ix > BHP2:naacp

    • 3rdeyefocus

      nah that tape had one GOOD JOINT 6PM In nyc… that’s it……

      • ThaRealHater

        500k think different. This nigga cant give 500k of this tape away.

  • Craze

    This is a dope!! I would of actually paid for this

    • HeyBuddy

      This dude been the truth. Gots some real fucking bars, and spits nothing but real fucking rap shit. I keep asking myself why this dude hasn’t blown up yet, but it’s cause he makes that hard rap, gritty shit nobody wants to hear on the radio.

      But it’s all good, I really appreciate his rhymes. He deserves to be on MTVs hottest MC list despite how bogus it is, he needs to be on some publicized list for people to take notice and appreciate real fucking talent he gots.

  • king_of_kings

    rapradar got something against the 6 god

    • 3rdeyefocus

      No They are actually supporting drake , by not posting a link for the free download , so people can buy it on itunes…

  • CBXweb

    “But Kanye; CyHi. The mixtape is not done; CyHi.”


    “Okay; CyHi.”

    • Andrew

      is that what happened for real lol

  • Barcelona Boy_

    This is not a mixtape… I repeat this is not a mixtape. This is quality music, honestly I would purchase this off iTunes. To think, he’s making these great albums with in house producers. Imagine the type of album he could make with Yeezy behind him

    • HeyBuddy

      I would agree with you, but every album Ye has produced for other artists its been a “safe” album. I would like to think the same, but it’s the truth by now.

      Idk who would be a good fit for this dude, but his LP definetly deserves to be treated seriously. CyHi gonna shine regardless.

  • This is sounding very good so far

  • el jim chapo guzman

    not one feature from kanye.

    • LSSN

      Or anyone else for that matter

      • el jim chapo guzman

        It seems like good music doesn’t care too much this guy.

  • lostprodigy

    If this all you got you just lost 1. Nothing exciting about this shit…damn near boring.BTW..ORGANIZED NOIZE the truth.



    “Weak People”.mp3 .. changes lives

  • ThaRealHater

    CyHi needs a better label.