New Music: Cassidy “My Gun Go Off”

my gun go off

Bap Bap

With no shame in his aim, Cassidy is popping off on his brand new recording. Hopefully not literally, but just on wax.

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  • Gordon

    R.I.P. CASSIDY’ S CAREER. 2002-2012.

    • mikey the greek! fk u bama’s!


    • R. Wellington ®

      That’s a 10 year run. So that ain’t bad cause most rappers have a 3 year run.

    • Hussle

      2012…you’re way too generous lol

  • chris

    why does this guy only talk about guns and drugs?

  • troof

    This is nice. The new kids however aren’t on the streets. They are suckling their mommas teets until they are 25.. They aren’t men anymore. hey know nothing of guns, drugs or butta. They do know about liking iggy azelea and nicki minaj. they have sesame street artists like big sean.. A sad state that rap is in that a nice recording from cassidy wont get anywhere near the top 100.. Nice beat too. rap fans nowadays are soft. its because they idolize wack rappers like childish gambino(who has skill i will of course admit but what stripes has he earned?) rap used to be about the struggle and what you do to maintain and ball/get out of the hood. No about mac miller or riff raff making a mockery of hiphop/rap. Mac miller should not sell. dude raps with the same pattern every song.. Action Bronson is ghostface but fat and white which is even more blasphemy than I care to get into.. Tyga is hot in the streets and that is laughable. Im a white boy from indiana and I would knock the fuck out of Tyga.. Have you ever met these rappers fans? People that you don’t want to talk o a second time. Nerdy white boys who support nerdy white rappers. Seriously rap is in a sad state. Thank you to TDE and J. Cole for supporting the streets and keeping the msg of the struggle alive in rap. The rest of you can fuck off. Seriously. Old heads are always good in my book(red/meth/ghost/rae Too short e40 cassidy/dmx)

    • TruthBeTold

      getting out of the hood is a lot easier now buddy, I think we as a society have grown and matured. American violence is at an all time can’t expect gangsta rap forever. I am 90% sure cassidy talking about shit he did or saw 15 years ago.

      • troof

        nah its just not reported on to help the americanized military police we now have look like theya re doing something successfully.. i am almost sure chicago some of the highest death rates of all time. more people die there than they do in iraq.. So what if he is rapping about shit he did 15 years ago(highly doubtful he doesnt still have his fingers in the hood somewhere) it is better than the top 40 rap of flo rida pit bull rapping about women and the money they make that no one else will.. thats not even artful music that is just mindless drivel. or tyga pretending to be soemthing he is not and 13 white teen girls not knowing the difference but buying up the singles. or big sean never actually having anything to truly back up what he went through except typical we use to use ebt! rhymes and what not. such corny music just controlled by the record execs. they signed who the can control nowadays.. thas why jada/50/styles p/meth/red and what not aren’t pushed by the big labels anymore or really even signed to them.. they would demand their cut of the money and the record execs got sick of paying them out so they have artists like big sean and tyga who wont complain and just say “yes sir ill do that for you” and then bitch about how much money they got screwed out of ten years down the road.. sad.

    • chris

      Dude I’m sorry but everything you said is young minded . There’s nothing real about guns and drugs , people in hip hop are realizing that people who project that ignorance need to be silenced . I think you are right about iggy though she is pathetic

    • Michael Ib bett

      “I’m a white boy from Indiana and even i could beat up tyga” …you’re the worst

    • R. Wellington ®

      STFU ol’ essay writing fûck boi.

    • jussayin

      Damn bruh…i feel sad that u think being a man means you have to talk about guns and selling dope…I’ve been a man for a while now and enjoy the music I dont care what the subject matter is…as long as its said in a clever way

      • yaupp

        No that doesn’t make a man but there is a need. There is a very real struggle with deaths in chicago from gun violence so it is a very relevant topic. sure it aint great to celebrate it as this song does but it is a very real topic. a lot of those kids wont get away from it except for to spend their life and some menial job until they are 65 and then they prolly wont be able to retire.. they will ruin their bodies toiling away in a factory or lose some of their youth from gun violence and drug selling. it needs to be rapped about.. tyga is the worst person in the world as someone who has never experienced both the good and bad that can come from it but rapping about it like he lived it and then rapping about hookahs to entertain the hipsters. i just wish ariss like that wouldnt be classified as rappers but rather pop stars because all they do is entertain.. they are puppets who are controlled by their labels.. they aren’t doing it for the form of art they are doing it for dollars. those are pop stars. tyga mac miller logic childish gambino and what not.. pop stars.

  • chris

    Stripes? For selling drugs and shooting ? That’s not anything to be proud of.

  • TimeChange

    i’m not for Black on Black violence, but this the type of rap i like. damn,guess i’m an old head.
    Line em up ,Cass

  • RedNasiL

    Im tired of hearing this guy talking about the same shit over and over.. SMH

    • R. Wellington ®

      If ur so tired stop listening you fûck boi


    Stay in school, kids!

  • Jay

    Cassidy nice

  • Dope track

  • VJay213

    Fuck your gun & fuck your drug deals.


    The color on the cover is very similar to Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers’ cover. Cassidy released this through Mayhem Music??? Kinda sounds like MAYback Music….

  • lostprodigy

    “Preacher, Hustler, Baller, Cap Peeler who I be your Neighborhood Drug Dealer uggghh”!! …..Stop it Cassidy you Mase 2.0


  • el jim chapo guzman

    Damn Cassidy talking about his gun go off..Cassidy been off the block for decades and he talking about gun go off.

  • lostprodigy

    BTW… ELZHI just dropped a single where [email protected] Rapradar.