New Music: Tech N9ne Ft. 2 Chainz x B.o.B “Hood Go Crazy”


Go Insane.Tech N9ne is as crazy as they come. And on his new track featuring 2 Chainz and B.o.B the invites the hood to his crazy world. Tech’s Special Effects arrives May 5.

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  • MadShot

    Shit was meh. Way below Tech’s usual level. 2 Chainz and B.O.B were not necessary. Really.

  • nboso
  • the-Lebron-curse.

    This guy use to say fuck the industry and the industry is a bunch a punks and now he works with half of it. What a joke.

    • Anthony Kelley

      The system not the people, just cause he works with Artist that are mainstream does not mean he ain’t still saying FTI, he ain’t getting paid like an industry cat and that’s what he truly meant. Number 1 independent record label for years

    • Timothy J. Augello

      He’s still the #1 independent rapper, meaning he doesn’t work in the industry. And he’s been working for rappers in the industry since the 90s. Yes, it feels like Tech wanted this to be a club banger/industry intended but I feel he did it to expand and allow more people the chance to listen and convert. He did this while not compromising his lyrics/rap style and the instrumentals have a more industry sound but it still has things only a Strange Music song would have.

  • The Incredible Creation

    ehhhh.. not too bad.. i was expecting worse honestly.. *shrugs*

  • Trilles[Tx]

    holy shit what has tech done with himself
    this beat is so awful

  • Drexler

    A rare mistake from tech n9ne this song should have been shelved

    • Timothy J. Augello

      I see it as this: Tech N9ne made 1 song which isn’t like him to get younger fans and allow people to convert to Technicians. It’s 1 song and I think with this song Strange Music fans will grow. As much as we hate to admit it, 2 Chainz and B.o.B. have bigger fan bases and much more influence in music overall.

      • Drexler

        yea but he’s worked with b.o.b. before and the songs were way better than this. but yea i get why he did it for more recognition by having two mainstream artists on it

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This shit corny.

  • R4ttle B3ck

    Dope little radio single. People trippin don’t seem to remember that Tech has done party tracks his entire career and has had radio singles…remember “See Me” with B.o.B and Wiz Khalifa in 2013?

    None of this is anything new….