Wale ‘The Album About Nothing’ Listening

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Wale held a listening session for The Album About Nothing at Tom’s Restaurant in New York City. In a Seinfeld theme setting, Folarin played a few tracks off the album and discussed the creation process of the album.



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  • Hussle

    Wale aint no Drake, no J.Cole, no Kendrick. His shit got no buzz dawg..

    • marty mcfly

      J Cole and Kendrick aint no Drake either according to market performance and sells.

      • bottom side inc

        Cole went gold no singles first week too bruh. And he’s a better lyricist than Drake

        • BEE

          Cole never went gold first week with no singles.

          • do_betta

            Yo Marty chill bruh!! Drake is clever but he’s not a better lyricist,, he is a better ” phrases u can put on Instagram and facebook for likes” rapper, but not fucking with j cole when it comes to lyrics, bars and story telling,, he’s def a better single artist and club music artist tho, I respect the man for his talents, but that who went gold and sell more music is for the birds,, as far as wale, I like his music, it’s thoughtful and full of character, I wish him all the success in the world

          • marty mcfly

            Storytelling ability don’t make Cole a better lyricist. I think bar for bar Drake got Cole and making singles an club music in the way that Drake makes it takes a level of lyricism in itself. A song like Miss Me for example, its a club song but its lyrical.

          • Neff

            lol that you fucking think 0 to 100 is a lyrical song. have you ever listened the art of peer pressure, maad city, or sing about me im dying of thirst?

          • marty mcfly

            Its not about what I think, the performance of his music speaks for itself. I could see if Drake was a wack rapper or an average wordsmith? Well thats not what he’s demonstrated in the last 5 years and the results only further back his skills up. He aint some rap niggas that got off a few dope bars and became a one hit wonder. This is somebody creating hits at will at a pace that has never been seen before in Hip Hop and on top of that, he’s a singer first not a rapper. Id say the skills are clearly there for anybody with enough sense to see. Drake isn’t here to compete with Kendrick because if that was the case, Drake could’ve already stopped years ago. Some people will continue to doubt his skills and he’ll keep showing and proven until you finally realize that good song writing is lyrical.

          • Johnny Boy

            Bruh, shut up.

          • marty mcfly

            LOL, thats really all you can say. You can get mad at me but thats not gonna change anything in regards to the subject at hand.

          • Johnny Boy

            I’m bored, and I’m actually trolling right now but, damn…you always write paragraph, after paragraph, after paragraph on here, and 2dopeboyz…you should write a novel already.

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah I write paragraph after paragraph and then you read it without me ever asking you to. I type at the speed people can regularly talk. I mean its as easy as being able to read fool. My think is this you can talk about me or you can get mad but at the end of the day you either agree with the substance of what I’m saying or you simply can’t really argue against it. Period

          • Johnny Boy

            I actually don’t read them. I used to but, not anymore.

            Oh, and good for you that you can type fast btw.

          • marty mcfly

            Well you talking about my shit so I’m just sayin… You don’t read em but yet you feel some type a way though.

          • private


          • marty mcfly

            I think How To Kill God by Ras Kass is lyrical, Mural by Lupe, Oceans by Jayz, 3rd World by Immortal Technique, Complicated Rhythm by Skyzoo, Victory Is In My Clutches by Jay Electronica etc… but I’m not who Drake is talking to in his raps but he still is lyrical for what he does.

          • Selorm Amuzu

            Lyrics had always been about how you say things not what you say and Hip-Hop for the longest has been gassing themselves thinking being lyrical is equivalent to being morally obligated

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah I get it and I can see people’s point about the morality involved but even on that level, its like Drake be rapping about his mom n shit fam. I mean he aint the C-Bo, Master P, Mobb Deep type a niggas I came up listening to. So overall he is tryin to keep shit a buck when he rhymes though.

          • Mista

            You dont know nothing about C-Bo my nigga. Just was bumpin the Gas Chamber the other day. Salute

          • marty mcfly

            Til My Casket Drops my nigga… Classic

          • Mista

            Yes. Tales from the Crypt is my favorite

          • Datwon

            Lol and Kendrick shits on both of them lyrically. He also is the only one with a classic album.

          • Mista


        • marty mcfly

          Including singles, Drake has went platinum more then a hundred times so overall Cole isn’t even in the same atmosphere as Drake.

    • Mylo

      All them dudes standing on they own two… Well drake came behind wayne but he’s surpassed him.

  • RTH

    Wale career is at a standstill. never amounted to be what he claimed he was

    • TruthBeTold

      He changed too much and too fast. He always followed the vision given to him by others..Ronson..Lovine..Ross and then there’s the clown aspect to him..the other day he emailed his fan base telling them to troll someone who had fake retweeted him, like c’mon man, I’m younger than this dude and have 99.9% less money than him and I’d never see myself doing that even if I had a fan base. Wale and Cole started off around the same time, ones driving 80 mph on the 405 though and Wale is still stuck in traffic on the 101 merger. “I’m just danny granger, I’m working with a different pacer”, looks like that failed. This album won’t live up to the hype..he has been having trouble clearing samples, clearing the seinfield excerpts, he tries pulling Cudi’s and Cole’s by doing this hooks, it’ll be a bad attempt to mix pre-mmg wale and mmg wale..his fan base is far from what it once was..average IQ of it is probably an 85..if I ever take a music class I will write it on the demise of Wale.

      • TruthBeTold

        I will write my research paper on* the demise of Wale.

        • Electric Revival

          email [email protected] and I’ll publish that essay. “The Demise of Wale” sounds like a dope read.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Wale guarantee to sell at least 20k first week cause the mmg brand is expired.

  • bigfoot2011

    This nigga look the part but ain’t the one

  • facts

    man kendrick kanye drake all dropping this year nobody checking for wale

    • KILLA

      Nobody is checking for Wale yet you clicked on the video, took the time to put your info in to just be able to leave a comment. Sureeee.

  • changa88

    I think wale should have stuck with roc nation as his management.. because now all he’s reppin is MMG which lets face it is getting cornier and cornier because the people want something honest and they get that from Jcole Kendrick Drake Q Big Sean Gambino… not a persona not a fake gangsta
    I think Wale has outgrown mmg… that seems more flashy more rozay and meek
    Wale did pretty good numbers for “the gifted” I hope his album does numbers because he seems like he works hard and is underappreciated

    • B Dot is a Shill

      I’ll definitely buy his new album. I have a long commute and it’s nice to have something in my headphones that can help me nap for 45 minutes.
      salute to the MMG fraud-in-chief Officer Ross

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Enjoying the new Wale in this video!

  • mikey the greek! fk u bama’s!

    yn got a face only a mother or a gold digger could love…look like he got beat in the face with a pillow case full of pool balls!! fk you bamas!!!

    • VA ALL DAY

      Damn kid…why you judging that man for his looks? If you thought he was cute would you say he was cute? hahahaha….sucka

  • Why Do Niggas Hate Wale tho?

    • R. Wellington ®

      The same reason they hate your bîtch ass

  • R. Wellington ®

    Wale is hella whack now. He hasn’t had a dropped anything decent since Ambition from 2011.

    • AKB

      Nigga you using Ambition as a measuring stick for son’s career? lol

  • Blood for Life!

    Wale really is a poetic rapper that is great to listen to, he’s one of the most lyrical rappers these days. This album has such great tracks on it. I listen to it when I’m jogging.

  • TheTruthHurts

    YN and Wale, 2 of the people I want to hear from least in Hip-Hop..

  • Music

    the problem with wale is that he talks to god damn much.

    Drop dope music and let it speak for itself man.

    Its like when he wrote an entire three paragraphs discussing his plans with the DC wizards like damn man.

  • polopolo1

    This will be wales first platinum album

  • Mylo

    Where my boy at? I told you this will dictate the future of MMG records. I say he sells 35k more than stalley.


      so 35k total? LOL

  • Capuccino

    im feelin that track tho, definitely gonna check the album now #TAAN

  • LēTeck

    Wale thinks he’s here — but hes really here ____


    Get off Seinfeld’s nuts my man, its getting played out. The first mixtape or two was cool but do you really wanna be known only as the corny seinfeld rapper?

    • Dsunn

      seinfelds old history now. the concept is overplayed


    Elliott looks bored… Even Chris Bridges will do more numbers than Wale march 31st with Ludaversal. – Wale needs to leave MMG and rap in general and hit the streets. *Kanye Shrug* no hate.

  • Dodo

    This dude is all talk. Can’t move major units. How long has he been in the game??